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Who dreams of a separate state: the Tamils or the international criminals?

By Dr. Edward Perera

This has been a topic that has inspired me during the last few years to address several International media as well as our local community that this is sheer fabrication of the conspirators to justify the bloody "struggle\"” for a separate state for Tamils.

If one follows the International media on the so-called ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, you will immediately notice that some wording, structuring of sentences and the sentimentality attributed to the phrases come from one particular source. In other words, a master mind had tapped every possible source and resource to mobilize them to achieve one main objective.

The whole idea of a separate state for Sri Lankan Tamils is nothing more than a misconception introduced by the enemies of this island nation. It is evident that the debated information referring to this dialogue is obtained by surreptitious means in order to mislead the world.

If this Master Mind had declared the said goal to achieve a separate state for Christians in Sri Lanka, the goal would have been very remote from the reality. So, they followed the shrewdest slogan to draw the sympathy of the international community, which consists of Christian majority to win a separate land for minority Tamils in Sri Lanka.

A picture was drawn secretly to convince the international Christian community that if the ruthless northern terrorists win the war, the advantage is for the Christians in particular to enjoy every privilege in a separate state free from Buddhists.

The conspiratorial elements did fool the world community by saying that there is a kind of ethnic cleansing taking place in Sri Lanka and did expect moral and material assistance from every possible iNGOs and NGO to "liberate" Tamils. Ultimately what they all wished was an utter destruction to Hindu Tamil youth in this prolonged war and to build up a new state with the newly converted Tamils.

These international criminal elements would have thought that the Sinhala Buddhists were fools, but it seems that they have finally ridiculed themselves (as though one is losing the grip and foot on a branch of a tree simultaneously). The question why the Tamil majority living outside Sri Lanka, especially in the Indian subcontinent did not raise a single cry for a separate state for the original Tamils on that soil should be dealt with facts but not with sentiments.

All the westerners and the Church organizations are well aware, how fatal it could be for them to convert the vast majority of Hindu Tamils in South India. The best thing for them was to start the "struggle" on Sri Lankan soil as they could easily manipulate the sentiments of the Tamil minority in northern and eastern provinces. It could have been the plantation Tamils due to inferior living conditions and low wages in the past have had taken arms before any other group had done it.

Due to the fact that almost 100% of the plantation Tamils are ardent Hindus, these Christians elements hardly had any chance to mobilize that sector for an armed struggle; geographically also it remains unfavorable and unrealistic. This so-called Home Land for Tamils would essentially possess one of the most strategically important bays like Trincomalee, but not a hill with tea for what they were planning. No super power seems to be interested in waterfalls in the upcountry in Sri Lanka.

It is the prime duty of Sri Lankans to tell the world that the "separate State for Sri Lankan Tamils", are fabricated mythically by non-Tamil groups functioning outside Sri Lanka. This myth comes closer to the dream of pure Aryan Empire for the Germans instigated by National Socialists under Hitler. The history has well recorded all the crimes against humanity and atrocities committed by some lunatics from time to time in its continuous process.

-Asian Tribune-

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