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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 111

Sweden too decides to withdraw its truce monitors

Stockholm, 01 August, ( Sweden too has decided to withdraw their monitors from Sri Lanka. Swedish Government made this decision on Monday morning.Anders Oljelund: "We expect that better sense prevail with the LTTE."Anders Oljelund: "We expect that better sense prevail with the LTTE."

“We will gradually pull out our monitors before 1st of September,” Swedish Ministry spokeswoman told “Asia Tribune.” She said that they regret it very much but helpless the issue of safety of their monitoring mission personnel would be questionable.

In the meantime, Swedish diplomat Anders Oljelund, Ambassador at Large told “Asian Tribune,” “We were in Sri Lanka to make the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam know that they have to change the decisions they have taken about the three Nordic countries, who are members of the European Union. “

He said “Tamil Tigers should not mix up the European Union clamping down ban on them with the activities of the Monitors belonging to Sweden, Denmark and Finland.”

Anders Oljelund who is back in Sweden told “Asian Tribune” that he went to Sri Lanka to demonstrate the interest Sweden has in the Sri Lankan peace process.

While speaking with “Asian Tribune” he said that he was well received by the Sri Lankan Government as well as by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

Anders Oljelund said that when he went to Kilinochchi he was introduced to S.P.Tamilselvan, political head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.

He added that though Tamilselvan listened to his point of view and proceeded to repeat the LTTE’s position stated before. He regretted that there was no change in the position of the LTTE.

Anders Oljelund explained to “Asian Tribune” that monitoring the peace process is one of the few key elements available to bring about peace in the country as contemplated in the Ceasefire Agreement.

He further added that LTTE cannot make any decision unilaterally regarding any elements in the CFA. They have to discuss the issue with their partner to the CFA – Sri Lanka Government on the issue of Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission. He expressed hope that LTTE would consider to discuss their position with the Sri Lanka Government and come to some workable arrangement and come forward to safeguard the fragile peace process.

Swedish Envoy said that he had the opportunity discuss the issues connected with the Peace process with the Sri Lanka’s Government leaders. Anders Oljelund said that Government has to take necessary steps to fulfill need of the Tamils.

When “Asian Tribune” asked what will happen if LTTE continues to persist with the departure of the monitors belonging to the three EU countries, he said then we expect that better sense prevail with the LTTE. Norway – the facilitator too has to take effective steps to break the ice. Otherwise we have to take up the issue with the Nordic Countries when we meet to discuss this issue soon.

- Asian Tribune -

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