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Why do Americans have to die in foreign lands?

By L. Jayasooriya

Why is it that America has never addressed herself to the question of why Americans have to die in foreign lands? They have died in Korea, Vietnam and now are dying in Iraq. Dying for one’s country defending it from an enemy that is attacking one’s country is one thing but dying in foreign countries that have not attacked America like Korea, Vietnam and Iraq is something unique to America.

The grief and sorrow of an American family that has lost one in their family is no different from any family in any country but why is it that only Americans have to undergo this suffering that is totally unnecessary? Foreign nationals who have died in Iraq were those who went to support the American invasion of Iraq that posed no threat whatsoever to America or to any one of those countries.

America has carried out all kinds of destabilizations using mostly covert operations, installation of puppet regimes and the use of military force in Asia, Africa and in South America sowing seeds of hatred around the world. Even though such treatment has not been meted out to prosperous continental European countries the overwhelming public opinion about America in those lands except perhaps Britain is negative.

The invasion of Iraq has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Al-Quaeda which is the only threat that there is to America not in terms of an invading enemy but in terms of mass terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. America is not alone in having to suffer terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan are a few countries that have this problem though the 9/11 terrorist attack was the biggest mass killing of innocent civilians but the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed more civilians in each city than in the 9/11 attack. America had the moral right to attack Japan’s military installations but not innocent civilians.

The overwhelming public opinion throughout the world including white Europe is in favour of Obama being elected president of the United States because of the perception that Obama will put an end to all American activities that have generated hate. If Obama is elected we could expect peace to prevail in this world but if he is not America will go the way she has always gone causing escalating suffering without end to American people. Here is America the richest country in the world but the people are more insecure and live in fear than in all other countries except those that are desperately poor.

Having said all the above let me say that in America everybody gets paid according to their ability to contribute and not according to race or colour or religion. Also there are no barriers for any person who is not white from reaching the top.

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