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Crossing to the Liberals

By Adnan Gill

As blasphemous as the American Conservatives may think; yes, I crossed to the dreaded Liberals. Why? Because the so-called Compassionate Conservatives have literally handed me the death-sentence.

A Pakistani immigrant who received his degree from one of the most conservative Southern Baptist colleges.

A Muslim who attended churches and wrote papers on Christian theology.

The one who spent his youth in a Republican stronghold southern state.

A person who religiously listened to the most conservative political talks shows of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity; Senator McCain single handedly converted me into a (proverbial) blasphemous Liberal.

How did he manage to do that? By pandering to the Corporate America whose business models stand in a stark contrast to the humane principals of Christianity. His so-called health plan promises to give tax breaks (approximately $5,000) to the working Americans, but doesn’t go enough to break the shackles of the multi-billion insurance companies. His plan also fails to address the woes of the jobless Americans; which translates into about 47 million Americans without health coverage.

Then there are people like me, who are diagnosed with terminal medical conditions. The insurance companies drop such people in a flash, and refuse to give any future coverage at all. Even though, Medicare or a state plan covers most of the permanently disabled, but as a middle-income American, I stood disqualified for any state plan. Ironically, Medicare doesn’t kick-in till at least two years after the approval. Thanks to the dysfunctional healthcare system, during those very long two years, one goes through the illness on a wing and a prayer.

If life isn’t already challenging enough for people like me, Medicare covers only 80% of health related expenses, which can easily amount to dozens of thousands of dollars. To top it off, Medicare doesn’t cover any of the life saving drugs. However, it does facilitate in buying a drug-coverage through; you guessed it, yet another insurance company.

Lo and behold, when my doctor prescribed a life-saving drug for me, we were told, we would have to pay over $800 (out-of-pocket) to get a month’s supply of medicine. Because the insurance company would cover only about $300 of the total cost. But silly me, I chose to buy food and clothing for my family instead.

Even if we were to overlook the reality, i.e. Senator McCain wants to maintain and surpass Bush’s failed policies, like the twin wars, trillion dollars deficit, socialist bailout of the greedy corporations; McCain’s health plan made it awfully convenient for me to cross to the Liberals.

I may not be around to see the day when I wouldn’t have to make a choice between the bread and medicine, but hopefully another Adnan will not have to make a choice between feeding his family and death in the Obama era.

For the Conservatives, it’s the matter of the ‘survival of the fittest’ and not about the ‘Joe the Unfortunate’; a far cry from ‘what Jesus would do’?

- Asian Tribune -

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