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Internally displaced person in Vanni are harassed, threatened and intimidated by Tamil Tigers – reports reveal

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Colombo, 08 November, ( Civilians in the uncleared areas of Vanni are being prevented by Tamil Tiger cadres to cross into Visuwamadhu area, which has been already declared as a safe-haven by the Sri Lankan security forces.

Earlier, Sri Lankan security forces in an attempt to safeguard the people in the uncleared Vanni areas from being caught in the crossfire as well as artillery and aerial bombardments has requested civilians to move on to Visvamadu area, located in the Kilinochchi district. Even the Government agent’s office too has been shifted to Viswamadhu and internally displaced persons are being provided with temporary shelters and dry rations.

Latest reports revealed that cadres belonging to Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam were chasing away the helpless innocent civilians trying to cross into Viswamadhu for their safety. It was reported that some civilians were even fired at, when they tried to escape to Viswamadhu.

Furthermore, it was alleged that food and other items meant for civilians’ livelihood, sent by the UN and the Sri Lanka Government are forcefully taken over by the LTTE.

Government Agents and other officials remain helpless, when Tiger cadres forcefully take over the food items meant for civilians by threat, intimidation and by waving menacingly weapons at them.

A 42-year-old civilian from the Puthukkudiyiruppu area, in the Mullaitivu district (identity not disclosed for security reasons), who surrendered to the security forces recently, had this to say:

"All males aged from 12 to 50 in the LTTE-controlled areas were forced to undergo training in the use of lethal weapons. They were also assigned to dig trenches, construct bunkers and finally sent to the forward defense lines to face the security forces as cannon fodders.

"After, security forces designated Vishvamadhu area as a safe-haven for civilians, the LTTE has assigned its cadres to prevent civilians from crossing over into Viswamadhu area. It was reported that some civilians were fired at when they tried to escape to that area.

All those civilians eligible to receive free dry rations were rounded by the LTTE cadres and forced to undergo military training as a condition, were also trained in giving first aid to wounded cadres and to provide logistics support."

He further said that daily many LTTE cadres’ dead bodies were arriving in the uncleared areas unusually in large number from the frontlines and the LTTE leadership is of the view that the arrival of many LTTE cadres’ dead bodies would tend to demoralize rest of the LTTE cadres and civilians.

Also report reveals that LTTE is at present experiencing ammunition shortage as well.

- Asian Tribune -

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