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Adhistana Pooja – May the realization dawn on them

Raja Arambewela for Asian Tribune

The greatest number of Artistes from all spheres; Cinema, Stage, Television, and Music – actors, actresses, singers, musicians and technicians, ever to have assembled on one occasion, got together on the 13th of this month at the Independence Square in Colombo Sri Lanka in expressing solidarity to make a Wish or a "Prarthana". They all lit a lamp each and made a silent wish – "May all our brothers and sisters in Tamil Nadu be free from misunderstanding and realize the truth".Adhistana PoojaAdhistana Pooja

According to MR. T. M. Sangadasa the Consultant National Film Corporation, Sri Lanka, this Adhistana Pooja was organized by the Government Film Corporation and the Tower Hall Foundation bringing all the artistes together. In reply to a question by the Asian Tribune as to what caused the need to organize this event, he said that, "recently all artistes in Tamil Nadu including the most famous artistes held various types of protests against the Humanitarian Operation in Sri Lanka. It is apparent that these artistes are misinformed and they have misunderstood the real situation here and we did this in order to dissipate that suspicion and misunderstanding".

He further says "the irony here is that a key figure behind the organizing of this Indian actors’ protest is Ms. Radhika Sarath Kumar, a Sri Lankan born Indian cinema and teledrama actress and producer. Her mother is a Sri Lanka lady by the name Geetha Dorin Perera. The father is M. R. Radha an Indian film producer and she is married to a gentleman Sarath Kumar, who now is a famous actor in the South Indian Cinema and also the President of the South Indian Film Artists Assoaciation".

"This lady who has a house in Wellawatta, Sri Lanka, has produced the Tamil teledrama "Arasi" which is shown over the TV channel Shakthi of Maharaja Television Company in Sri Lanka". My question is, if she can live in Wellawatta, produce a Tamil teledrama in Sri Lanka with mainly Indian actors and show it over Sri Lankan television five days a week, how can she ever believe or say that Tamils are being harassed or a war is waged against them?

According to Mr. Sangadasa, two very famous Indian actors Kamal Hassan who celebrated his birthday recently and Rajini Kanth whose birthday will be in the near future have asked people not spend on their birthdays but to send all the funds to the Tamil People in the north. What we say is that, Sri Lanka is fighting a war against Terrorism but not against Tamil People and that the government is making all effort to protect and take care of all the Tamil People in the North.

Speaking further he stressed, " 'We have no enmity against them whatsoever'. 'Our religion – Buddhism came from India and our Cinema too came from India and as such, we have nothing against our brothers and sisters in the Indian Cinema'".

"In fact" he said "we have, in a letter sent to them through the High Commissioner, explained that". And he quotes the letter which goes on to explain further, "It is a military operation against armed LTTE terrorists who have killed a large number of Tamil politicians, as well as Tamil intellectuals and eliminated all those social activists holding opposite views in addition to the fact that even immature children of Tamil parents have been forcibly mobilized for terrorist activities ruining the future of the rural Tamil population.

"Therefore it is highly unjustifiable to interpret the humanitarian campaign in operation to liberate the Northern Tamils from the clutches of a dictatorial outfit as a kind of genocide against ethnic Tamils. It is far from the Truth. Of course it is a diabolical lie! In this context we would like to point out that even Sri Rajiv Gandhi - one of the great Prime Ministers of India became a victim of evil terrorism.

"They committed a series of murders within Sri Lanka involving a President, a Presidential Candidate, several prominent Cabinet Ministers and many distinguished politicians irrespective of their politics or race".

"This Adhishtana Pooja is not, by any means, a protest against, or to counter the actions of our brothers and sisters of South Indian Cinema, This is a message of peace, harmony, goodwill and brotherhood. This is our innocent way of wishing that, 'may the realization dawn on them."

- Asian Tribune -

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