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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Should Practice What he Preaches

Sunday Discourse by Philip Fernando for Asian Tribune

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has condemned terrorism before the Lok Sabha in no uncertain terms. He proclaimed that "the use of terrorism as an instrument of state policy is no longer acceptable. There should be no double standards in the global fight against terrorism. There are no good or bad terrorists. There is no cause that justifies the massacre and killing of innocent people…" We concur wholeheartedly Dr. Manmohan Singh. Apply the same principles to that cabal of jackals who exercise diabolical influence over Indian policy towards Sri Lanka, yes, over that bunch of chauvinistic Chennai politicos making a mockery of India’s attitude towards terrorism! Live by your words, Sir. The world is watching.

What the LTTE terrorist have done under the nose of a wishy-washy Indian government is clear for everyone to see. The world understood the anguish that India went through when the Mumbai massacres happened. Their indignation was justifiable. In the same spirit India has to reject those jackals in the south supporting the LTTE terrorists. Unless India believes in eliminating the scourge of terrorism gnawing away internationally, and closer home in Sri Lanka, India crying wolf would not have any meaning.

Sri Lankans have suffered immensely due to India’s policy of giving into LTTE pressure manipulated through Chennai. For decades every time Sri Lanka came close to eliminating terrorism, those scoundrels in Chennai have been screaming to get New Delhi to intervene in Sri Lanka. Is India as guilty as those Mumbai terrorist for not fighting LTTE? Having a double standard in treating terrorism is unworthy of the India’s current position.

Sri Lanka is clearly a victim of that macabre policy. Sri Lankans have seen the lost of precious lives during their heroic struggle to fight the LTTE terrorists. So when Prime Minister Singh says there should be no double standards in the global fight against terrorism and censures Pakistan for their alleged connections to terrorism India’s credibility is at stake.

It was the Indian Prime Minister who wanted Foreign Minister FM Mukherjee to go to Colombo to discuss a ceasefire between the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE. This is a diabolical instance of “double speak”. You want terrorism in all forms condemned but you look the other way when LTTE practices terrorism in all its ignominious ways inside Sri Lanka.

We commend the Prime Minister for stating that. "There are no good or bad terrorists" He further announced that there is no cause that justifies the massacre and killing of innocent people. Has India forgotten that the LTTE practiced terrorism openly? They killed tens of thousands of innocent people including Rajiv Gandhi. Dr. Manmohan Singh! You cannot in good faith capitulate to the terror backers from Tamil Nadu desperate to prevent the LTTE being defeated?

Sri Lanka has the right to refute whatever proposals Foreign Minister Mukherjee brings to the table. They are nothing more than proposals from the terror backer Karunanidhi's desire for a ceasefire. Please do not make a mockery of your own proclamation that terrorism in all forms in bad. India boldly stated that they will give a fitting rebuff to their enemies. Very Brave Indeed! But do not openly encourage the terror backers of Chennai to do what you are trying so hard to defy.

Finally, Dr, Mahnomen Singh also said that "Truth and righteousness are on our side and together we shall prevail." We hope so. But you have no right to surrender your principles for political expediency. If truth and righteousness are on India's side, she must condemn what Prabhakaran is doing. We will wait and see what Foreign Minister Mukherjee has to say about all that.

- Asian Tribune -

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