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A Sri Lanka parliamentary delegation to dispell misinformation campaign

Stockholm, 18 December, ( A Sri Lankan parliamentary delegation which arrived in the Swedish capital clarified the current situation prevailing in the country, steps taken by the government to restore peace and order and also of the war to evict the terrorists from the country. They dispelled the misinformation campaign ceaselessly carried on by the Tamil Tiger supporters in Sweden as well as in the other European capitals.

The four member Sri Lankan Parliamentary delegation arrived in Sweden yesterday and met with their Swedish counterparts as well as the Sri Lankan expatriates and the student community in Sweden.

At their meetings with the Swedish Parliamentarians they explained the prevailing situation in the country and the war against the Sri Lankan Tamil separatist terrorists outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.At the Sri Lanka Embassy in StockholmAt the Sri Lanka Embassy in Stockholm

In the evening when they met with the Sri Lankan expatriates, they emphasized the need for the expatriates to give topmost priority and show their unending interest in safeguarding the country in whatever way possible.

The Sri Lankan parliamentary delegation consisted of -

Dilan Perera, Minister of Port Development

Rohitha Abeygunawardena, Minister of Nation Building

Duminda Dissanayaka , Minister of Petroleum Resources and

Lalith Dissanayakae, Member of the Parliament.

The delegation yesterday called on Ms.Brigitta Sellen, the Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament.

They also met Ms.Hillevi Engstrom, Chairperson of the Committee on Labour Market, Mr.Olle Thorell, Deputy Member of the Committee on Civil Affairs and Mr.Kent Härstedt, Ms.Brigitta Ohlsson and MGustav Blix Members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

They held discussions on Sri Lanka's present Political Situation, Democracy, Human rights, Gender Equality, Skilled Labor Immigration from Non EU Countries, etc.

They explained measures taken by Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa in restoring democracy in the areas formerly held by the Tamil Tigers, devolving of powers and also of the development activities undertaken by the Government in the East and North of the country.

Ambassador for Sweden Ranjit Jayasooriya who was associated with the delegation told Asian Tribune that the Sri Lankan parliamentary delegation held discussion with their counterparts in a friendly and cordial atmosphere.

In the evening, parliamentary delegations met with the Sri Lankan diaspora at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Stockholm.

Ministers Dilan Perera, Duminda Dissanayaka , Rohitha Abeygunawardena and Lalith Disanayake MP briefed the expatriates of the present state of condition prevailing in the country and also about the war of liberation waged by the Sri Lankan soldiers to liberate parts of territory held by the Tamil Tigers, a Sri Lankan separatist Tamil Terrorists organization in the Vanni. They also answered to questions raised by the expatriates.

Ven. Bante Pannananda Thera, Chief incumbent of the Alby Buddhist Temple, when speaking at the meeting, clarified that a true Buddhist should never mentioned what he had done for the country and do not expect anything after offering materials and money to Sri Lanka in distress like Tsunami or war etc.

Ven Bante Maniraththana Thera Chief incumbent of the Buddhist Temple at Vallimby, also spoke.

Sri Lankan Ambassador Ranjit Jayasooriya when speaking on the occasion thanked the Estonian Dr Kaido Kotkas, for his kind generosity in presenting foot medicines urgently needed for Sri Lankan soldiers who are fighting a battle against the Tamil Tigers in the Vanni jungles.

He thanked the Sri Lankan expatriates for their valuable supports and urged them to show more and more interest in the affairs of Sri Lanka in the time of distress.

- Asian Tribune -

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