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India Joins Dubious Sporting Club

By Ramu Sharma - Syndicate Features

India can no longer claim a special status in the sub-continent. After the attack on Mumbai it has become as vulnerable as any of the other sub-continental countries. It has joined the dubious club of Pakistan and Sri Lanka as countries which are not safe to tour.

It is a pity though that India which fought for Pakistan’s right to host cricket tours and itself was scheduled to go there in January has been bracketed with the Pakistan as an unsafe country. It is not good for the game when three of its former world champions are found to be dangerous for other countries to tour. Cricketers, no matter how tough and brave within the parameters of the ground, are as much worried and scared as any other normal human beings, irrespective of the huge amounts they earn.

It will take quite some time for normalcy to return and one must be grateful for England to come back to finish the rest of the schedule of two Test Matches, though on venues different from the originally fixed centers. And Kevin Pieterson, the England captain struck the right chord when he said we cannot allow terrorists to disrupt the game. He went a step further and convinced other members of the team to make the tour.

It is a pity that the scheduled tour of Pakistan by India next month is hanging in balance with the Sports Minister M S Gill unwilling to give the go-ahead. And with some individual opinion from Pakistan calling for a boycott of its players for the IPL and ICL matches, things appear to have taken a turn for the worse. Surely cricketers should have more sense than some of the politicians on both sides of the border.

At the moment the Indians are angry and anguished and the media has fuelled the feelings with some highly emotive reporting. One would have thought that the Indian media was responsible but unfortunately it has sometimes lost its sense of direction. The country as a whole has reacted to the alleged role of elements in Pakistan being responsible for the carnage in Mumbai but to carry on a hate-campaign is not on.

And it must be remembered that this sort of campaign is a double-edged weapon and is bound to rebound. At the moment, whoever is responsible for the Mumbai massacre, has dragged India back to the same level as Pakistan in the eyes of the rest of the world, both countries known for lack of security.

Instead of helping each other to restore order and seek a solution to the problem, some people in the two countries are pulling the countries further apart. It is not good for the people in general and the countries in the main.

- Asian Tribune -

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