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SPUR Urges Sri Lanka President for a SAARC Summit on Terrorism

Melbourne, 19 December, ( Australian based, Society for Peace, Unity and Human Rights has urged Sri Lanka President to act quickly to curb the rising menace of terrorism in the South Asian Region.

Ranjit Soysa, Spokesperson of the SPUR has appealed to Sri Lanka President to consider calling a summit meeting of the leaders SAARC countries to resolve crucially important security issues of the region.

In the letter to the Sri Lanka President urging for a special SAARC summit on Terrorism, SPUR has said that they are happy to endorse the timely proposal of the Editorial Board of the Asian Tribune made on17 December 2008, requesting the SAARC leaders to urgently convene a summit meeting.

Given below the full text of the Press release by SPUR of Australia:

SAARC leaders should act quickly to regain the region for the People

The terrorist attack in Mumbai, Islamabad and the war in Sri Lanka should be a clarion call for the leaders and the people in SAARC countries to resolve that urgent attention is required to crucially important security issues.

We are happy to endorse the timely proposal of the Editorial Board of the Asian Tribune made on17 December 2008, requesting the SAARC leaders to urgently convene a summit meeting.

Compared to other international regional organizations SAARC has been rather slow to realize the importance of working as a team in spite of pressing bilateral and multilateral issues, especially the burgeoning economic problems consequent on the world economic meltdown, directly affecting the billions of people making up the population of SAARC countries.

Suspicion of each other among some of the countries and the “beggar my neighbour” policy followed by some factions within countries in the region have made it very easy for outside forces, including groups who depend on armed violence, to destabilize the region. Some international powers are fishing in the troubled waters in the region using foreign funding to leverage global political objectives.

SAARC countries have a combined population of 1,397,007,904, which provides a strong regional market as well as a possible source of unrest, if the socio-economic issues are not managed effectively. The SAARC region is strategically located in proximity to sea routes connecting the oil fields in the Middle East to the East Asian markets and abutting geopolitically important Russia and China. The agricultural resources in the region, if managed properly and tackled to encourage intra-regional economic relationship can boost the economy of the member countries while promoting regional identity.

The leaders in the SAARC region should send a message of hope to their citizens rather than score points at each other’s expense. With the whole of India almost going into a state of shock when a few terrorists held Bombay to ransom, the Indian leaders and her people should consider that the time is ripe to build a strong chain of regional friendship. The political custodians of SAARC member countries should think of creating opportunities to bestow the region’s potential to its millions of people.

We request the President of Sri Lanka to take the initiative and confer with the other leaders at a summit meeting to take crucial decisions effectively by recognising the critical message relayed by terrorism, armed violence ignited by cross-border gangs aided by international players.

We trust that the SAARC leaders will grasp the complexities of the urgent issues facing the region and move ahead as a formidable team

Yours truly

Ranjith Soysa

- Asian Tribune -

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