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Karunanidhi Pops Up Again : What Jayalalitha could do about it

By L. Jayasooriya

Among all normal citizens the world over the human mind is the same irrespective of nationality, race and language. It is the pollution that it receives and accepts from outside that makes them the way they are.

Karunanidhi has successfully made many Tamil Nadu citizens believe that the Sri Lankan army is killing Tamils in Sri Lanka and has called upon Mr. Manmohan Singh to send his foreign minister Mr. Pranab Mukkerjee to Sri Lanka and order our government to stop killing Tamils thus creating hatred in Tamil Nadu against the majority Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. Mr. Singh has done nothing about it for reasons known to both Mr. Singh and us but Karunanidhi’s call to save the Tamils in Sri Lanka has paid him dividends in being elected the leader for the 10th time.

If it is said that he would have won in any case one should remember that his only political weapon has been hate against the Sinhalese on the bases of discrimination much earlier long before he started accusing the Sri Lankan army of killing Tamils. So here is a man whose political success has been purely on the propagation of hate.

When Jayalalitha said that the Sri Lankan army are killing LTTE and not the Tamils Karunandhi has it seems challenged her. Now that Karunanidhi has made a large section of the Tamil Nadu population believe in what he has asserted all along, a golden opportunity has arisen for Jayalalitha to send a team with all equipment to record what is taking place in Sri Lanka with regard to discrimination and killings complete with plenty of interviews with the Tamils that the army has liberated.

She has the advantage that all the interviews will be in Tamil and the viewers will be able to discern the genuineness or otherwise of the replies given by noting their facial and bodily expressions. That is the best antidote to the poison of Karunanidhi.

As to Karunanidhi’s reminder to Mr. Manmohan Singh that he has been sitting on his request without doing anything Mr. Singh might very well say that he would send Mr. Mukkerjee at the earliest opportunity he gets. So Mr. Karunanidhi you have to be a little patient and wait till he gets his earliest opportunity.

- Asian Tribune -

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