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Beware of invisible forces

By S. Akurugoda

President Rajapaksa, while addressing a commissioning parade at the Sri Lanka Military Academy in Diyatalawa a week ago (Sunday Observer dated 21/12/2008), pointed out that albeit the armed enemies have been well identified as lethal and should be wiped out by our gallant armed forces. But some unscrupulous elements may act in diverse and subtle ways. They could be even disguised in the garb of human rights activists. These parties too, should be recognised and dealt with accordingly. As otherwise, he said, these enemies may ultimately have a greater impact and cause more harm and destruction to our motherland.

Apart from human rights activists, there are peace activists, free media activists, civil society activists and so forth around us who need to be recognized and dealt with at the same time since they too cause serious harm to the nation. If we are to find out who these activists are and what they have said and done, the easiest way is to go through any of the pro-LTTE websites. Almost all their media releases, statements, activities etc are of immense value to the terrorists.

A comprehensive detail of the motives of those activists and funding agencies are given in the 'Recololonisation, Foreign Funded NGOs in Sri Lanka', a book authored by Dr Susantha Goonatilake, a renowned scholar. Dr Goonatilake maintains that the penetration of these activists into the country began in the 1980s and he contends that their subsequent activities in Sri Lanka have had a deep and visible impact on civic life: restructuring the state, to de-mobilizing the armed forces, to privatizing foreign relations, to controlling key segments of academia and media. To illustrate his argument he takes areas including human rights and describes the role of foreign funded NGOs and their local agents.

According to these unarmed activists, LTTE is not a terrorist group, but a group of militants seeking right to self-determination within a clearly demarcated territorial space. "The conflict must be viewed as a struggle between two nations since Tamils are a distinct community. Tamils have the right to demand a separate State until their aspirations are met- that is to give LTTE control over the North-East region. The LTTE is invincible and have demonstrated its capacity with its attack on military bases and destroyed millions of dollars worth of economic assets. LTTE is committed to the nation-building and state-building and its vision of a solution is displaying a commendable degree of political maturity".

On the other hand, according to these so-called self-appointed experts, Sri Lanka is the ‘the worst place in the world for civilians’. "Violent actions are committed by the Sri Lanka’s military. The government and allied forces are responsible for abductions, assassinations and disappearances, rapes, threats to media freedom, human rights violations, genocide of the Tamil people etc."

These self proclaimed 'independent' analysts see every thing upside down. Accordingly they see Sri Lanka as an ethnic majoritarian and communal and a full-blown terror state while the LTTE as a harmless liberation movement. "Actions are needed to counter politics of militant Sinhalese nationalism, since it is the Sinhala -Buddhist extremist groups who cause trouble and generate violence" as per the said 'independent' peace analysts.

The so-called 'think-tanks' do not know (or do not think) even who is responsible for suicide attacks. The usual statement is "Regardless of who is responsible, the suicide bombing indicates the growing absence of confidence in the integrity of the government institutions". These think-tank think international intervention (either the UN or the US pr both) and solutions from outside is a must and the people would have to accept, for some time, 'two armies, with two commands before a final solution emerges.

The exact words used by the so-called human rights, free media and civil society activists have been reproduced to indicate their extreme bias, highly twisted misinformation. These unarmed enemies repeat these statements like 'mantras' almost daily, causing more harm and destruction than the armed enemies, to provide the necessary moral support to the outfit now trapped in the Killinochchi and Mullaitivu areas and to their local and foreign agents.

The obvious question comes to our mind, after reading the above slogans; are these activists contributing to peace or terrorism? Is their any difference between what terrorists say and what these activists say? Who will believe that praising the terror and condemning the forces against terror will achieve peace and harmony?

The main attraction of the activists is foreign money and resulting luxury life. The most recent disclosure of the misappropriation of funds by the champion of free media is a typical example of the sole interest of the majority of those activists.

The President, Defense Secretary and Commanders of the security forces have determined to crush the terrorism once and for all, despite whatever obstacles that may come on their way. When succeeded, the Sri Lanka will set a record; not only by defeating the most ruthless terrorist group in the world (while feeding and providing all other necessities), but by tolerating the most malice propaganda machineries within its own territory under the pretext of peace, free media and human rights.

- Asian Tribune -

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