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Israel May Never Invade Gaza

Commentary by L. Jayasooriya

For almost a week Israel has permitted the press to show the amassing of military tanks and other equipment on the border with the Gaza strip either with a view to frighten the Palestinians or to frighten the world of an impending massacre in the hope that they will persuade Hamas to recognize Israel. The first one is not on the cards because the Palestinians are eager to see the tanks roll in so that they could have a direct confrontation in which far more Palestinians will be killed than Israelis while the Israelis do not want any one of their men killed. So if the tanks do not roll in we can with justification assume that the Israelis are hoping that others will get them what they want which is most unlikely. It is also unlikely that Israel will agree to any plan of the type that the French President may propose.

If countries like France cannot help to arrive at a final solution then could America help? The answer is an emphatic ‘NO’ for two reasons. First, America is a puppet of Israel and cannot make any independent decision to help anybody if it concerns the interests of Israel and secondly all what America can do is to supply any type of military hardware that Israel demands. Further no country in the world could bring in a UN resolution on this because America will veto it. So those who are interested in helping the Palestinians will have to do it themselves using their own methods and that probably is what will ultimately happen, made possible by the decisive help that Russia can provide Iran and even fight with Iran if it becomes necessary.

On 02 January, CNN showed the firing of a Palestinian homemade rocket about 3 feet long and 6 inches diameter with a wire fuse that they ignite manually. Can we call that a rocket as understood in military terms? CNN also showed president elect Obama saying something to the effect that if he knows that rockets could land in his house where his two daughters are sleeping then he would do everything in his power to stop that. That statement is what every father would make but it is out of context to the problem at hand.

Leaving aside this Israeli – Palestinian issue it has become abundantly clear that the UN is now being used by the so-called "International Community" to destabilize the world and to destroy whole nations to their advantage. See what they did to Yugoslavia and broke it up to bits. See how hard they tried to cut up Sri Lanka by helping the LTTE while banning it in their own countries and at the same time permitting fundraising? See how hard India tried to destabilize Sri Lanka with the ultimate object of annexing it one day. America today is using India to achieve similar aims in Asia especially to counter China.

We have a very effective way of protecting our interests by forming an Asian UN with China, Russia and all Muslim and Buddhist countries with perhaps Bangkok as the headquarters and not anywhere in India. Let India remain in the American camp. We cannot trust India and we should not trust India. Chavez of Venezuela could form his own UN of South American States with the backing of Russia. That still leaves Africa open to exploitation for the moment.

President-Elect Obama has the strength and the capacity to make this planet a better place to live in and not let it drift the way I have shown is a possibility. If he were to do that by breaking away from all previous regimes he would be helping America more than the rest of the world because the rest of the world will survive better in a world where the power distribution has drastically changed.

- Asian Tribune -

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