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American biased attitude and unjust policies

By Asif Haroon Raja

USA is notorious for its double standards and unjust policies. It sees India from one periscope and Pakistan from another. If Pakistan is being constantly advised, cautioned, coerced and punished by USA for its committed and uncommitted sins, justice demands that India too should at least be advised to let go its old policy of belligerence, haughtiness and finding excuses to put Pakistan in thick soup. US biased attitude could have been ignored if Pakistan had betrayed it. Contrarily, Pakistan has remained in American camp throughout its history in spite of being repeatedly deceived. Yet USA arm-twists Pakistan on multiple issues either to serve its own interests or to please India. The allegations pasted on Pakistan on account of which it is coerced range from extremism, militancy, terrorism, cross border terrorism, nuclear proliferation, lack of democracy and weak institutions. Are these allegations, if true applicable only to Pakistan and is India free of these sins?

If one takes a dispassionate look at the track record of India, it is deeply afflicted with all the diseases for which Pakistan is held guilty. Unlike India, Pakistan neither has claims over any territory of its neighbours nor does it nurture any expansionist designs. The South Asian neighbours of India have suffered at the hands of Indian machinations and remain wary of its imperialist and hegemonic designs. It is notorious for indulging in poisonous propaganda campaign and making false accusations and blaming its neighbours particularly Pakistan on trumped up charges to exert pressure. It continues to indulge in this immoral practice unabated despite getting repeatedly exposed. It has an uncanny habit of transferring its black deeds on the neighbours to hide its own crimes and also excels in manufacturing false dramas for blackmailing purposes. Even after lapse of 61 years and having truncated Pakistan, it has yet not reconciled to existence of Pakistan and seeks its balkanisation.

Historically, Indians have always been very loyal to those who ruled them whether Muslims or British and follow the same policy when it comes to dealing with powers that matter. Conversely, their behaviour towards the weak neighbouring countries particularly those who wish to co-exist peacefully and on equal terms is ruthless and unforgiving. The wish for establishing Mahabharata is so intense that Indian leaders keep eying the South Asian States greedily and continue devising plans how to gobble them. After Partition of India, it usurped 538 princely states, and later on Goa and Sikkim. Driven by grandeur ambitions, it spends colossal amount on expanding and modernising Indian armed forces in complete disregard of teeming poverty stricken people of India who are unable to keep body and soul together. Under the farce of shining India, millions sleep on footpaths and live under most pathetic conditions.

Shackled by four-fold caste system in which Brahmans are destined to remain superior and pure while all others inferior and impure, the Brahmans treat the minorities in India including lower caste Hindus with derision. Under the farce of secularism which is in name only, they nurture the dream of Hindutva and keep dreaming of cleansing and purifying India of all second-rate polluted Kashatryas, Vaisyas and Sudhras and minorities of other religions.

Their abhorrent treatment meted out to the non-Hindu minorities and low caste Hindus has resulted in a backlash from all quarters within India and intensified home-grown terrorism to uncontrollable extents. Out of 608 districts, 231 districts are up in arms against the state where more than 100 separatist groups are battling Indian security forces for over 50 years. Except for the Hindi belt in the centre which has also been penetrated, the entire peripheral strip of Indian Territory is in the grip of insurgencies some of which have assumed dangerous proportions. In an attempt to quash the insurgencies, large-scale security forces are battling the insurgents and have employed all sorts of coercive and brutal methods but have failed to achieve any results. In order to weaken the ethnically or religiously charged insurgents the regions were further subdivided into smaller states such as the northeastern region was divided into seven-sister states and Punjab callously subdivided. These measures also proved illusive and 19 separatist movements are raging with full intensity.

It is surprising that the US and the western world choose to turn a blind eye to India?s glaring anomalies. Not only they ignore Indian leadership fault lines, they encourage and support its actions. The monster of Hindu Right extremism doesn?t bother them. US media and its think tanks which are government controlled spew venom against Pakistan and derive a sadistic pleasure in projecting its fragmentation. With regard to Indo-Pakistan antagonism which has its roots in unresolved Kashmir dispute, the US, western world, Russia and UN have always favoured India and held Pakistan accountable. The UNSC has at no stage put pressure on India to honour the 1948 and 1949 UN Resolutions on Kashmir or not to carryout massive human rights abuses against the Kashmiris. The US and UN now say that UN Resolutions on Kashmir have become outdated and hence should be forgotten. While Russia?s vetoes on Kashmir in favour of India were understandable since India had remained the camp follower of former Soviet Union till as late as 1991 and had ardently opposed US policies in the region, US unfriendly stance towards Pakistan is unexplainable since the latter had remained the most allied ally of USA and thrice staked its security to safeguard American interests in the region. Despite Pakistan having become the frontline state to fight US war on terror and paid a heavy price, USA opted to reward India and punish Pakistan in the form of drone attacks and threats to send its forces inside FATA to conduct military operations.

While India was made a strategic partner and awarded civilian nuclear deal, ten-year defence deal and tens of highly lucrative economic packages, Pakistan was given only $10 billion economic and military package spread over five years and that too subject to its performance on war on terror that was imposed on Pakistan. This amount has not been doled out in gratis since most of the amount has reverted to USA in form of consultancy fee and services rendered to US troops. Pakistan army had to employ nearly 1,50000 troops in FATA and Swat and bear the loss of over 1200 soldiers and injury to thousands in fighting US war on terror which got transferred from Afghanistan into Pakistan. While the bulk of amount was utilised on economic projects, the army received only about $2 billion or so to maintain such a large force employed in futile counter insurgency operations against own people since 2002.

The only reason for US silence on Indian security forces atrocities against its own people and Indian leaders intrigues, double standards and high-handed policies against neighbours that comes to ones mind is that USA itself is infected with these ailments in a big way. It has a bloody track record starting from annihilation of Red Indians; forced slavery of the Africans for a very long time; its racism and arrogance; nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; indulging in futile Cold War for over 45 years laced with intrigues against anti-American and neutral countries; antagonism against Latin American states; promoting pro-rich capitalism and widening gulf between first world and third/fourth world; large-scale massacre of Vietnamese in the Vietnam war; using Muslim Mujahideen as cannon fodder for accomplishment of its grand design to become sole super power and after accomplishing its mission abandoning them and declaring them as terrorists deserving no mercy; following anti-Muslim policies and massacring hundreds of thousands of Afghanis and 1.2 million Iraqis in pursuit of its global ambitions; training its guns on Pakistan, Iran and Syria.

Enforcement of infamous doctrines of pre-emption, regime change and shock and awe to terrorise weaker nations has made the world unsafe. Having adopted a merciless posture against the Muslims in general and Pakistan in particular, USA absolves Israel and India of all its crimes against humanity and patronises the duo unhesitatingly and without any compunction. Ongoing bloodbath of hapless people of Gaza by Israelis is being ignored by USA and the blame is put on Hamas. USA must support its strategic partners but not at the cost of others to whom it gives false hopes only. It should reverse its policy of doling out carrots to India and Israel and using sticks against Pakistan and Palestine and yet maintaining that it is a well-wisher of Pakistan and Palestine.

Asif Haroon Raja Rawalpindi based defence and political analyst

- Asian Tribune -

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