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We will capture Kilinochchi – P.Nadesan

Ravikumar Balakrishnan in Chennai

Chennai, 09 January, ( The political head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has vowed to recapture Kilinochchi soon. He said that this was not the first time Kilinochchi has been captured. Kilinochchi has been in the possession of the LTTE and that of the Lankan army alternately in the past. P.Nadesan said that history repeats itself.

When asked whether the loss of Kilinochchi a setback, P.Nadesan, the Head of the LTTE’s political Division said "We do not consider it a setback."

In an interview with "Junior Vikatan" a Tamil language news magazine published twice a week from Chennai, Nadesan said retreating from areas control by them is a tactical move adopted to reduce the loss in the war.

He also said that the residents of Kilinochch have moved into the Wanni hinterland for their safety.

Excerpts from an interview Junior Vikatan had with P Nadesan , the Head of the Political Division of the LTTE:(Unofficial translation)

The Lankan army has captured Kilinochchi which was under your control for over ten years. Isn’t that a setback?

This is not the first time that Kilinochchi has been captured. Kilinochchi has been in the possession of the LTTE and the Lankan army alternately in the past too. History repeats itself. We do not consider it a setback.

Of late the Tigers are retreating instead of fighting back. Why?

It is a tactic to reduce loss in the war.

What does the Lankan government aim to achieve by this war?

To remove the Tamil race from the face of the earth. At this juncture, we wish to make an important statement to the Lankan government and to the world, that we are not an orphaned community. Despite our hardships, we are confident that our Tamil brethren in Tamil Nadu will fight for our cause.

Kilinochchi is described as Prabhakaran’s 'dreamland'. It has been devastated. Does that make you sad?

Yes, indeed. Buildings have been destroyed; however doors to freedom have not been knocked down. We will retrieve the lost places and construct buildings. The police station, bank and our finance division which dotted the landscape of Kilinochchi, are now functioning at make-shift camps.

Where are the residents of Kilinochchi?

They have moved into Wanni hinterland. When conditions become favorable, we will capture Kilinochchi and help our people to resettle in Kilinochchi.

Comment on the Lankan army’s acts of transgression on women Tiger corpses.

It reflects the Lankan army’s inhuman attitude. The international community should take note of this and acknowledge our struggle for the rights of our people.

What is the status of the areas under the control of Tigers?

Our people are subject to constant attacks by the army and hence they are on the move. They are keen that the lost areas must be captured and for which they are making huge contributions and sacrifices.

Comment on the Tiger leadership and the mental strength of the Tigers.

This freedom struggle has grown into a people’s freedom struggle. For the past 30 years we have been combating the Lankan army because of our mental tenacity.

Do you agree that the Lankan army has gained by capturing places under the LTTE?

Sri Lanka is a country. Many countries have been providing military and financial services. The Lankan Tamils are a minority compared to the Lankan nationals. This freedom struggle owes itself to the strength of my people and the support extended by the Tamils all over the world and that of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu. In times of war places may be lost however it would be retrieved shortly.

You are asking to lift the ban on the LTTE, and acknowledgement of your freedom struggle. Is it possible?

All the Tamils in the world are extending support to the struggle and it is a strong indication that it is indeed possible.

It appears that India is more friendly towards the Lankan government than the Tigers?

It is indeed unfortunate. The Indian government should realize that Tamils are its true friend. This fact has been insisted upon.

Many countries, it appears, have joined hands with the Lankan government in the war?

It is one hundred percent true. They receive shiploads of arms and ammunition from countries like China and Pakistan. It has been confirmed by Sri Lankan Media.

In what way would you expect India to interfere?

India should stop providing military aid. India should recognize the freedom struggle of our people.

The Lankan army has increased its air and missile attacks. How do the people safeguard themselves?

Our people have put up with all these kinds of attack for the past 30 years. With life becoming a struggle for many of our people, experience guides them to safeguard them. I would also like to bring to the notice of all that the Lankan army uses the cluster type of bombs on us.

Have goods donated by the Indians been distributed in a fair manner?

The goods are being sent and distributed fairly to people by the Red Cross.

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