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The George W. Bush & Tony Blair Legacy

By Garvin Karunaratne, Ph.D. Michigan State University

George W. Bush is due to hand over the Presidency of the United States of America to Barack Obama the new President-Elect two days ago. Tony Blair found his seat too hot a year before the due date and bailed out.

Many have sung praises for both. However both of them in the double span rule they held, have definitely left a World of dissent, of more chaos.. Certainly, both of them have left a World which is more dangerous for their own citizens to travel about. The death toll that has been paid by people in the world at large due to their military exploits and even the death toll that the American and British soldiers have paid means that there is blood bathing the hands of both.

To start with George W. Bush never won either the 2000 US Presidential Election or the 2004 US Presidential Election. He was shunted into power by unseen forces at work- forces that do determine who will win in the USA. That is the reality of democracy in the USA. While all over the World the Ambassadors go about preaching democracy to other rulers in the rest of the world, their ruler the President stole two elections. It is sad for such a thing to ever happen in the USA, the home of democracy where even schools are run by democratically elected boards. Judges, Governors and many many other people in power are elected by the people as happens in no other country known to me and it so happens that I have read and traveled very widely. The Ambassadors of the USA if they have any knowledge of their own Presidential Elections in the past decade should hide their heads in shame!

It all happened in very weird- unimaginable undemocratic ways. In the 2000 US Presidential Election I was spending a holiday at my son’s residence in sunny California and I expected a clean election. As an administrator from Sri Lanka from 1955 when I joined the Administrative Service I have presided over at elections, have borne the brunt of administering elections, of the task of counting the ballots cast and declaring the winner. It was always a sacred task to us Assistant Returning Officers to face the problems of having a perfect register of voters, then to ensure that there are no marauders who try to become petty thugs and try to disrupt the voting, try to chase and intercept the ballot boxes while they were being transported or to face thugs that try to stop the counting of ballots.

We Returning Officers have faced many of these incidents but have never given in to the likes of Tom Delay when he with his gang stormed and managed to stop the counting of ballots in one precinct in the 2000 election. It is a shame on the US elections administration to have given into Tom DeLay. We administrators have not given in ever. So it is good for the likes of Mr Robert Blake not to teach us from the Third World how to handle democracy. Sad to say our Ambassadors have failed in the petty administrative task of issuing visas which should be their rightful job. Perhaps they have a sinister role to play in this day of neo colonialism to disrupt the development tasks and the sacred task of defeating terrorism being done by our Governments.

I was amazed at how the Secretary of State at Florida handled the administration of the election and the counting, applying delaying tactics that led to the parties seeking redress from the Supreme Court. In counting we administrators could have delayed and disappeared while counting is proceeding allowing causes for the judiciary to interfere. In Florida the Ballots were being counted carefully and systematically under orders from the Florida Supreme Court, when down came the ruling from the Federal Supreme Court that all counting had to be stopped forthwith.. What a shame on the judiciary. According to the Constitution it was the Congress that should have debated and decided as they have done in a few instances earlier. The Supreme Court Judges became the arbiters by usurping the powers of the US Congress and so behold shunted George W. Bush to the helm through the back door

George W. Bush was no Dudley Senanayake to declare that that he was not interested in getting into power through the back door. Dudley did that twice- not once. So Mr Robert Blake when you speak to us about democracy you come from a country where you have al lowed democracy to be usurped and you have worked for a President who had no right to be anywhere in or near White House or anywhere the Pentagon. If the Blakes of America want more to learn about how democracy was flouted please read Professor Dershowitz’ book Supreme Injustice(Oxford) or may be they may find my book: The Administrative Bungling that Hijacked the 2000 US Presidential Election more entertaining, full of details that will make their bones shake in shame..(The University Press of America)

Many authorities on law in the USA have voiced that the 2000 election was unfair and that it was not correct for the judiciary to usurp the power of indirectly paying the way for George W. Bush to creep in.

It is my personal opinion that the Supreme Court Judges that gave that verdict deserve=2 0to have been impeached, but that is not how democracy is upheld in that country.

Many expected George W. Bush to be satisfied to have stolen the Presidency for once, but the manner in which the Presidency was stolen a second time by Bush was in a totally unexpected manner. It really beats the best of fairy tales. This time it was done through the malfunctioning of the electronic voting machines! The electronic voting machines have been prone to malfunctioning in every election in the USA and it is sad for there to be no technological direction to eliminate errors in a country that boasts of the State of the Art technology. One is even made to think that the people in power are not interested in elimination the flawed voting machinery.

And the worst part was that it so happened that some of the electronic voting machines in the key States of Ohio and Florida had no paper recording of the voting and the counting for any recount to be done. John Kerry the contender from the Democrats had no method of contesting and getting a recount done purely because there was no paper documentation. He had ample reason to believe that the counting done by the voting machines was rigged. Why was there no paper documentation? Well that is the manner in which elections are administered in the USA- the home of democracy. We from the Third World have not decided in any of these manners and allowed elections to be stolen. So the Blakes have to beware when they talk of democracy there are actually allowing persons like us to expose their undemocratic acts. Far better for them to be silent.

Many readers of my books have urged me to write and document how the electronic voting machines elected Obama. Obama won by a mere 53%. According the pulse of what happened at the elections I think that the electronic voting machines ate into his totals but could not eat in sufficiently to defeat him.

Now of human rights. John Ke rry the democratic contender who lost the 2004 US Presidential Election was speaking out his mind at the University of Florida last year and at question time a university student had the nerve to raise a question as to why George Bush was not impeached. In actuality George Bush should have been impeached not once but twice for stealing two elections, but the USA is a strange place where there is no democratic base when the big wigs in power are concerned. Strangely the marshals of the University grabbed that student, pounced on him, put him on the ground, manhandled him for raising that question and the student kept on shouting, "let me go let me go what have I done". The student’s voice was very loud and clear in the U Tube Version.

Then lo and behold a stun gun was used to put the student to a temporary death. Stun guns are used to put a marauder who cannot be controlled; someone who becomes a danger to others to be temporarily immobilized. And the otherworldly scream of that student when he was tasered rings in my mind when I write these words. So the Mr Blakes- the Amba ssadors come from a country where the people have no right to speak. It is good for elections to be stolen but not good for the people to debate or ask a question from a Congressman or a politician about it!.

For those who want to know how the elctronic voting machines stole the election they can perhaps read my book: The Electronic Stealing of the 2004 US Presidential Election(Amazon.Com).

To be fair Tony Blair the Prime Minister of Britain never stole a single election What was wrong with him was that he sacrificed all the ideals of a labor government when he had to follow the dictates of George W. Bush and support and sent troopers to Afghanistan and Iraq. Both Bush and Blair pretended to the entire World that Saaddam Hussein had hidden weapons of mass destruction. After the US and British forces were sent in they found none. They really managed to test their sophisticated machinery, Tony Blair, when he found that his own Labour Members of Parliament would not support him of his war mongering effort obtained the support of the Conservative members in Parliament to get a vote passed to justify the invasion.

The Legacy that both George W. Bush and Tony Blair has left is revealing.. Bush inherited a treasury that was full of money from President Clinton. Bush gave away that money on tax cuts and his pursuit of laizzez faire and neo liberalization has ended in a total economic recession. The USA is today the most indebted nation on earth. Both Tony Blair and Bush did not care what happened to the economy as long as they were not involved. Today the total financial system comprising banks of repute has crashed in the UK and the USA and even in Germany, India and Japan. All this is due to the maladministration of George W. Bush. He has left an indebted nation, with massive deficit spending and poverty and unemployment is raising its ugly head.

Blair failed miserably in Education where he deprived the under-graduates of the grant system for university studies. Today a graduate does graduate not with only a degree but with a loan burden of $ sixty thousand. Blair also totally mismanaged the asylum seekers who are today ruling the cities of London and neighboring areas like a plague.

Both Bush and Blair have left a legacy that had better be forgotten.

Both of them were too cocksure and led their countries to ruin economically, socially and internationally. Their intransigence and arrogance, their unreason ability and lack of humanity calls to me a sentence from professor Chalmers Johnson’s book: Sorrows of Empires,(Owl Books 2005)

It is difficult to imagine how Congress much like the Roman Senate in its last days of the Republic could be brought back to life- cleaned of its endemic corruption. Failing such a reform Nemesis the goddess of retribution and vengeance, the punisher of pride and hubris waits patiently for its meeting with us.

Let us not forget that once the Roma Empire held sway all over the Mediterranean, even upto Scotland where they built the Hadrians Wall to keep away the ruffian Scots and they held sway not for decades, but for centuries. I have lived a decade in Scotland and the Scots are miles better humans than the English.

Today in Barack Obama we have someone to whom the people of the Americas and the entire World can look for deliverance from oppression, from chaos, wars, poverty and deprivation and it is hoped that he will succeed where George W. Bush miserably failed.

- Asian Tribune -

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