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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 106

LTTE retreating under anti-terror laws in UK

London, 19 May, ( with mounting pressures after the LTTE was banned in UK under the Terrorism Act 2001 the Tiger agents have changed the name boards of their front organisations. The new front organisations are facing an uphill task to win the support of the Tamil diaspora in UK. Immediately after the proscription, the LTTE’s UK arm, United Tamil Organisation, disbanded. In its place the Tiger agents formed British Tamil Association.

But the impact of the ban is felt right across the board. The following summary of the organisations that disappeared and the newly established organisations confirms the pressures faced by the LTTE and its inability to function freely as they did prior to proscription in April 2001 in the UK.

Exit of pre-proscription LTTE organisations:

United Tamil Organisation (UTO) - Out

Eelam House- (Head Office of UTO) – Out

Tamil Eelam Economic Development Organisation (TEEDOR) – Out

Chen Cholai – Out

Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) – Out (Abandoned by the LTTE following Charity Commission intervention)

Tamil Committee for Human Rights (TCHR) – Out (Moved to Geneva)

International Federation of Tamils (IFT) – Out (Moved to Geneva)

Kantharoopan Arivu Cholai - Out

Murasam – Out (Functioning under a private limited company name since 2005)

Newly established organisation post-proscription:

British Tamil Association (BTA)

International Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (ITRO)

Social Economic Development Organisation of Tamils (SEDOT)

White Pigeon

International Association of Tamil Journalist (IATJ)

Campaign for Truth and Justice (CTJ)

Murasam Publication Ltd

The International Broadcasting Corporation (IBC), Tamil Television Network (TTN) and Tamil Guardian of the LTTE are surviving with heavy funds that continue to be collected under subtle coercion from the Tamil public. Lack of funding nearly pushed the TTN to the brink of bankruptcy. It escaped extinction after a last minute rescue operation which injected large sums of money.

The falling support to the LTTE in UK is attributed partly to the terror tactics of the LTTE agents attempting to capture Hindu temples which are sources of raising millions of sterling pounds and partly due to the arrogance of LTTE leaders in UK throwing their weight around threatening the Tamil migrant population. One other important reason is the role of the LTTE itself in killing, abducting and torturing Tamils in areas controlled by them in Sri Lanka. The reports of these crimes against humanity have had a negative impact on the Tamil diaspora.

- Asian Tribune -

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