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Release details of IDPs coming into Government controlled areas - Sangaree

10 February, ( Names of those civilians arriving at the IDPs’ centers to be made known, relatives should be allowed to accommodate IDPs coming to the Government areas and the local social organizations, members of the rural development societies and local NGOs must be allowed to assist the IDPs and visit them. These were requests made by V. Anandasangaree, to the President of Sri Lanka.

He has in a letter to the President of Sri Lanka wrote that Tamils living in foreign countries are frantically contacting him for details about their loved ones and relatives, who have now begun to move into the Government controlled areas. He has requested Mahinda Rajapakse, in the letter to arrange to provide details about IDPs coming into the Government controlled areas, so that their relatives in foreign countries would be able to get in touch with them.

Given below the full text of the letter to President of Sri Lanka, written by V. Anandasangaree, the President of the Tamil United Liberation Front:

"His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa,

President of Sri Lanka.

Your Excellency,

Urgent Plea On Behalf Of The I.D.Ps.

Several calls had come to me today and yesterday from Tamils living abroad frantically making inquiries about their kith and kin, trapped in Vanni and escaping to Vavuniya taking grave risk to their lives. They want to know, first of all whether their people are alive and if so where? The LTTE had not responded to the plea of various organizations like the UN, EU and the Co-Chairs, apart from countries like UK, USA, Canada and India, for their release from Vanni. It is unfortunate that Tamil Nadu and surprisingly the TNA had not appealed to the LTTE to release the innocent ones but shockingly issuing silly statements still to please the LTTE.

I make three urgent appeals to you. One to release a list of names of persons who had come from Vanni and where they are now accommodate. That will ease the excitement and tension of the relatives living abroad and also will enable them to offer any assistance, the displaced persons may need.

The second one is a request to allow the elders, the sick and the children to join their relative who are prepared to accommodate them at their homes in Vavuniya. Others can be handed over to the parents after proper inquiry later. I wish to mention two incidents in support of this request. A person know to me from Kilinochchi has lost both his legs and is in a state of coma at the Mannar Hospital. The whereabouts of the rest of the family is not known. They want me to trace them. In another incident the wife who has fractured her leg is being looked after by her mother at the Mannar Hospital. The husband who brought his injured child the next day is looking after him at the Vavuniya Hospital. Their relations who are in Vavuniya are prepared to accommodate them, at their home.

The third request is to allow the local NGOs, Political Parties and Social Organization such as Rural Developments Societies, Community Centers etc. to visit the refugees. This will counter the false propaganda of the LTTE that youths are taken to unknown destinations, women missing, inmates treated like prisoners, low quality of food etc. Since the inmates are increasing in number day by day, the assistance of volunteer organizations will prove very beneficial.

Kindly take these proposals seriously and act accordingly.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

V. Anandasangaree,
President – TULF.

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