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17 Fleeing innocent Tamil civilians shot and killed by Tamil Tigers and 69 sustained gunshot injuries

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Colombo, 10 February, ( Sri Lanka Army this morning recovered 17 dead bodies of innocent Tamil civilians, who were trying to crossover from Udayarkattu to the Government controlled area. One underage girl, a boy, five females and ten males were killed in the LTTE fire.

Also 69 wounded civilians have been found and 15 were in critical condition. Among those who arrived in the Government controlled areas with LTTE gunshot injuries on Tuesday (10) morning, there were eleven children, twenty seven females and thirty-one males.

Army has taken care to transport the injured by air to the Government hospital in Vauniya for treatment.

Those courageous Tamil civilians who escaped to the Government controlled areas said that they were shocked by the horrendous experience of being fired upon by the insane LTTE cadres for fleeing to the Government controlled areas, and they became target of LTTE gunmen waylaying the civilians.

According to Army sources, some courageous men in the crowd managed to collect the dead bodies and reached Government controlled area. Sri Lankan Army troops took immediate necessary actions and dispatched the injured to hospitals for urgent medical treatments in Air Force helicopters which were summoned to the venue.

Escapees to the Government controlled area said that LTTE has warned Tamil civilians not to leave the area controlled by them and cross into the Government controlled area. They further said that LTTE uses civilians to construct bunkers and bury LTTE dead bodies. One civilian said that the LTTE has set up their artillery guns and mortars in the "No Fire Safe Zone" and use to attack Sri Lanka Army. He further said Tamil civilians who do not obey LTTE orders are killed ruthlessly by the cadres.

Many escapees said innocent Tamil civilians are used to be assaulted by iron bars and the civilians are held as prisoners in the LTTE controlled areas.

According to reports the total number of civilians crossed over to Government controlled area on Tuesday (10) rose to 1057 by mid noon. Three hundred forty-six males, three hundred and thirty three females, one hundred and eighty nine boys and one hundred and forty nine girls have so far arrived to the Government controlled areas un-harmed.

Yesterday on 09 Monday 6,590 civilians arrived into the Government controlled areas and a total of 24,378 Tamil civilians so far arrived for this month.

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