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S.B. Dissanayake asked to reconsider where he belongs?

Gaza,Palestine, 22 February, ( A little bit of a piece of advice to S, B. Dissanayake telling him to explore where he belongs. An open letter from one of his old time friend Dr. T.B. Jayasinghe, presently Sri Lanka’s Representative in Palestine.

In his open letter, Dr. Jayasinghe recalled his friendship from the days SB was in the Communist Party, when the Party Office was located at the Cotta Road, Colombo. He reminded SB of the misunderstanding his wife had when she mistook him as a bodyguard of Mahinda Rajapaksa, at that time Mahinda was just an ordinary Member of Parliament.

In his letter, Dr. Jayasinghe pointed out that Karu Jayasuriya had no grievances with Mahinda Rajapaksa. He adduced that the reason why Karu Jayasuriya was brought back to the UNP by the highest levels was only ‘to keep you out’, so that you can forget about becoming the Deputy Leader of the UNP.

The open letter concluded by saying “You are humiliating yourself among a crowd that does not recognize you. It is time "Kalo ayang te" for you to think of a way to serve the country. When you change I will contact you. Wish you all the luck. Subha gamang:

Given below the full text of the written by Dr. T.B.Jayasinghe to S.B. Dissanayake:

My Dear S.B.

I feel that this is the most appropriate time to address you and I suppose that you are now resting with your thinking cap on.

First of all please accept my sympathies on yourself inflected (illan kapu) defeat and hope that you have now realized the mood of the country. People may like you personally as was clearly seen by the preferential vote in your favor. Other than those anti nationals who always vote with UNP the masses in general cannot vote for UNP considering the pro terrorist stand it has taken.

My dear S.B.,

As a person who had known you and watched you from the Communist Party days of Cotta Road up to the time you left SLFP, I feel qualified to draw your attention to a few matters vis a vis President Mahinda Rajapaksa. You cannot contest the fact that President liked you very much from the very beginning and treated you like a special friend. You also considered him as your brother, friend and hero.

On the first day you came to my humble home at Rajagiriya along with President who was then an ordinary M.P. you were introduced to my family as a politician with a great future. This introduction had to be given because my wife inquired from the President whether she should give tea to his body guard as well. Mistaken identity may be because you were a raw MP then.

With your exposure to Marxist ideology and socialist politics abroad coupled with inborn organizational ability you were able to reach great heights within the party beating many a veterans. Originally your gift of the gab made you a much wanted person on the political stage. It is also a fact that this very same ability when misused ruined you and you are paying for it even now.

I also happen to meet you at Darley Road and at your Ministerial office at the old Race Course in my capacity as a leader of a political group of State employees and our members were thrilled about your PR and the ability to find solutions to our problems.

You became the General Secretary of SLFP overtaking a number of formidable contenders and you proved to be the most active General Secretary that SLFP ever had. On the night before one Annual Conference, I was at the old Race Course watching you carrying chairs and arranging the seats for the next day’s event. We were compelled to work with you for a few hours and I still feel proud of you.

Coming back to your opposition to President Mahinda Rajapaksa and considering just one favor he did to you in my presence, I strongly feel that you have no moral right to challenge him and go against him. You could remember well how he solved your family problem from his office room at the Ministry of Fisheries. If not for that intervention of President Mahinda Rajapaksa you would not be with your family today.

Even though you joined UNP, President had a soft corner for you and he never snubbed you. He knows that one day or other you will be with him politically as well. I have a strong feeling that the day is not very far.

My dear SB.,

It is obvious that you are qualified to lead UNP in many ways but you fail to understand that UNP is a party of the social elite. An UNPer will always consider the social status when it comes to leadership. UNPers of Kotte always voted Mr. Stanley Thilakaratne against Mr. Jinadasa Niyathapala, the UNP candidate. In this background an ordinary man from Hanguranketha with no high-class family connections with the social elite of Colombo or the English speaking ex Royal - Thomian capitalist class will never stand a chance to lead a party like UNP. You may be surprised about Mr. Karu Jayasuriya coming back to UNP but you should realize that it was a conspiracy hatched at the highest levels only to keep you out. Mr Karu Jayasuriya had no major problem with President but the inner circle of UNP along with the business community and the Western lobby persuaded Mr. Karu Jayasuriya so that you can forget about becoming the Deputy Leader of the UNP.

I am happy about the sensible comments you made after the PC elections. It was not quite normal with you. That should be the way if you want to impress the people. With this PC election you wanted to start the turnaround " Heravumaka Arambuma" having miscalculated the mood of the people. You very well know President Mahinda Rajapaksa is friendly towards all. He has mastered the art of winning friends and splitting enemies effortlessly.

You know that he is not a communalist which he has proved beyond doubt by deeds and words. He is not against any religion. You know his love for the Muslims. He is a proven friend of the Arab world. Count the large number of his Tamil friends around him.

My dear SB.,

Please realize that you are in the wrong camp. You are not born to lead UNP but you can easily lead SLFP, because it is party of the common people. You started your political career as a Communist. I know that you studied Marxist books and saw socialism in practice in a number of socialist countries. Need I tell you more as to which group you fit in? You have a group of friends from Hanguranketha days. Please call them and have a brainstorming session.

My dear SB.,

You are humiliating yourself among a crowd that does not recognize you. It is time "Kalo ayang te" for you to think of a way to serve the country. When you change I will contact you. Wish you all the luck. Subha gamang:

A genuine friend:

Dr. T Jayasinghe,

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