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Senator John Kerry’s Inquisition On Sri Lanka

By L. Jayasooriya

We in Sri-Lanka hear that US senator John Kerry is going to have an Inquisition on Sri Lanka without permitting any person authorized by our government to be present so that we could rebut practically everything that is said against us. This type of hearings reminds us of the American Wild West when the hearings begin only after “fixing” the judge. We cannot refrain from wondering whether this has something to do with the genes. How else could it take the form of an ecclesiastical tribunal of the Spanish type?

If the outcome that Senator John Kerry already knows, is the recommendation that UN troops be sent to Sri Lanka to partition it the same way as Cyprus and save Prabakaran then this will be vetoed both by Russia and China. So that is a dead end. Mr Akashi of the so-called “Co-Chairs” has also threatened us with UN troops.

Failing that does he want America to invade Sri Lanka to save Prabakaran and do what else he has in his mind? That also will be vetoed this time by President Obama not because he does not want to take any more than what he already has on his plate but because his genes are different, his blood group is different and he has no evil designs. The whole world voted for him specifically for this reason. So what is the point of this exercise?

It is appropriate to state here that China in addition to being our faithful friend for more than 50 years will not permit America to control this strategic position of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean with the facilities of the Trincomalee harbor. Our government has already given China a huge chunk of space in the free trade zone as an appreciation for all what she has done for us during all these years. Russia will also see such an attempt as a threat to her as well.

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