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Rajarata Expo Shines at Polonnaruwa

By T.K.Premadasa, Deputy Director / Marketing, Sri Lanka Export Development Board

T.K.PremadasaT.K.PremadasaProf G.L.Peiris, Minister of Export Development and International Trade together with Hon Maithripala Sirisena, Minister of Agriculture Development and Agro Services has announced at the Press Conference held in Polonnaruwa on 23rd January 2009 that Sri Lanka Export Development Board under the purview of Ministry of Export Development and International Trade is planning to organize the second Expo Exhibition "Rajarata Expo" in Polonnaruwa in a series of Expo Exhibitions encouraging the rural producers in the Province and the suburbs to use the opportunities available for competition with the global market. This Rajarata Expo Exhibition with the theme "Gamen Lowata" will remain open on the 7th, 8th & 9th of March 2009 at the Royal Central College in Polonnaruwa.

Sri Lanka can preen herself of her highly recognized civilization for over 2500 years. Rajarata the key political center of Sri Lanka in the early history from 5th B.C. to 12th century was defined as the cradle of Sri Lankan proud civilization by the scholars.

Rajarata, the land of Kings with a glorious heritage displayed our strength to the entire international community even before Christian era of the capability in building palaces, water reservoirs, canals, colonies, creative art paintings, sculptures, literature, foreign relations and sound local and foreign trade.

In early days foreign trade in Sri Lanka led by the rulers particularly in Rajarata shined at the pinnacle of its profession with qualitative production for exports. There is evidence of Sri Lanka breeding goldfish in Anuradhapura. Sri Lanka had even gained reputation within the global community as the commercial hub in Asia .The strategic location and natural ports like Gokanna and Mahathitha facilitated timely opportunities to establish trade links overseas. It is remarkable that trading housing system defined as a sound tool in business sector was firstly heard in Polonnaruwa era of King Parakramabahu.

Apparently a plenty of opportunities are found in Rajarata region for the development of export trade since Rajarata enjoys an abundance of resources potentially could be utilized for export production.

Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) excelled in export development has taken necessary precautions on a strategy mainly to emphasize the need for equal distribution of export output to rural areas and to decentralize the operation with opportunities open to rural production and build their lifestyles. EDB has already initiated series of progressive measures in this respect towards development of export production.

In an attempt to win this goal EDB has decided to strengthen the regional network by the establishment of branch offices and organizing a series of Expo Exhibitions.

A new branch office of the EDB was opened in Hambantota recently and another office will be opened in Ampara in the near future. The objective of the establishment of these new offices would be to identify new resources, develop available resources in the region for export market and to help build up their skills to compete with the global market.

Moreover, EDB has also decided to organize Expo exhibitions at provincial level with a prudent insight on rural development in export under the theme “Gamen Lowata” or Rural Resources to Global Market.

In this regard the first exhibition of Expo series Ruhunu Expo Gamen Lowata Exhibition held at Tzu Chi National School, Hambantota on 13th & 14th December 2008 achieved an overwhelming success with a huge participation of producers, exporters and rural folks of all walks of life. The EDB was able to overcome its objective and continues to carry out the relevant follow up activities. The new regional office of the EDB has already identified the areas of available resources for development and preliminary work has been commenced already.

In recognition of the available opportunities and a large number of potential products for export it has been decided to organize the Second Expo Exhibition in Polonnaruwa from 7th to 9th March 2009 at the Royal Central College.

The main objectives of this exhibition would be to strengthen the current operational system of export in the region, identify the potential products and services, encourage the producers to associate direct with the established exporters and motivate the producers for direct export. This nature of strategy will create a new regional export culture for the producers to acquaint themselves with buyers initiating business on their own soil.

Rajarata Expo is not a meeting place for entertainment or just a display of products by the exporting companies. Participation at this Trade Fair, a professional approach on promotion of marketing development not only demands the finest opportunity in sharing responsibility at an international trade fair but also gains invaluable experience in dealing with the global business community. Various resources such as rice, rice based products, fruits and vegetable, inland fisheries industry, ornamental fish, cut flowers and foliage, spices, cocoa, sesame seeds, peanut, Auruvadic products , minaeral based products, and gems are rich in Polonnaruwa and its surrounding area. The exhibition will remain open for three days as scheduled and will be engaged on initiating negotiations with the exporting producers and other professionals on trade.

EDB organizes "Samatha Piyasa" also known as Monthly Exporters’ Forum with the intent of resolving export related issues. EDB will also arrange mini Samatha Piyasa at the Rajarata Expo opening avenues of suitable opportunity for representation of the unsolved issues of the Provincial Export Community before the Hon Ministers for a constructive solution.

Arrangements are being made for Presentation of Awards to the business community in the region, an inspirational move in appreciation of their tremendous contribution made towards the development of exports in the best interest of the entire nation. Seminars and workshops on export development based on the academic aptitude of the rural producers have been planned to widen their knowledge on the areas such as product and market development.

Rajarata Expo opens a golden opportunity for rural folks to purchase export products of high quality at a reasonable price.
Sri Lanka Export Development Board as a leading institution always works closely with the development activities and this would be another contribution by the EDB as a responsible partner of the Rajarata Development Program mainly in its effort to expand the development structure in this rural area

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