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Prabhakaran told to surrender to the Sri Lankan Armed Forces for his survival

Colombo, 25 February, ( For his survival, Velupillai Prabhakaran, Leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam - the terrorist outfit, has to surrender to the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.Velupillai Prbhakaran told to surrenderVelupillai Prbhakaran told to surrender

Sri Lanka has categorically said that LTTE leader should lay down arms, surrender and order his cadres also to surrender to the Sri Lankan Security Forces.

"If the LTTE is concerned about the plight of the Tamil civilians and in peace, then they have to lay down their arms, and surrender themselves to the Sri Lankan Security Forces. Other than that there are no other options left for their survival," said Minister Keheliya Rambukkawella.

Sri Lanka Government’s Defense and National Security spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukkawella speaking to Asian Tribune blamed LTTE’s intransigence for the miseries of the innocent Tamil civilians trapped in the war zone.

He added that if Prabakaran and his terror gang are interested in the safety and welfare of the innocent Tamil civilians held by them as hostages, then they must allow them to go to safe areas.

Minister Keheliya Rambukkawella further said that at this critical moment, there is no two ways left for Prabhakaran and his terror-gang for their survival. Security forces are closing in. They have already entered the Puthukkudiyiruppu and no going back without completing their lofty mission of ending terrorists’ menace that plagued the country for more than 25 long years.

“Even at this last moment Prabhakaran can order his men to surrender and also surrender himself to our forces, “ said Minister Keheliya Rambukkawella.

He pointed out that his request for the surrender is not something new. He reminded that in 1987 according to the Indo- Sri Lanka Accord the entire armed groups agreed to surrender their arms and to reciprocate the surrender, President Jayawardene agreed to grant amnesty to the surrendering armed groups.

He recalled, accordingly Prabhakaran came forward to surrender, also surrender their arms and his men came out and made a symbolic arms surrender.

Today we are only reiterating the 1987 Indo-Sri Lanka Accord and emphasizing Prabhakaran and his men to surrender their arms and surrender themselves.

Asian Tribune pointed out that India continues to urge for the devolution of power based on the 13th amendment, but why Sri Lanka has not come forward to urge India to force the LTTE and its leader to lay down their arms and surrender?

When responding, Minister said that the devolution issue is today part and parcel of the 13th amendment of the Sri Lanka’s constitution. But he said, surrendering still remains as part and parcel of the 1987 Indo - Sri Lanka Accord.

He added, at the time of entering the Peace Accord, the then Indian Prime minister, late Rajiv Ghandi and the late President J. R. Jeyawardana signed the Accord and part of it was surrendering arms and symbolically it was done. Within couple of days, Prabhakaran reneged on his pledged and went back to the acts of terror as usual. He is not a trustworthy person for the Government to take seriously his plea for ceasefire.

Minister Keheliya Rambukkawella said let Prabhakaran surrender himself first, and then the Government would consider what to do with him?

- Asian Tribune -

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