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The Hypocrisy Of A Political Solution

By L. Jayasooriya

Because of the talk that has been spread around that the government of Sri Lanka was killing Tamil civilians, our president with all good intentions invited the UN chief Mr. Ban-Ky Moon to personally come and see for himself what is happening. There was hesitation for a few days during which it was said that the UN chief has still not decided anything about it. Some days later, instead of the UN chief came Mr. Holmes who was warmly received at the highest places and our Defence Secretary personally accompanied Mr. Holmes when he went to meet with the Tamil civilians who have fled from the LTTE clutches to the safety of the army.

One does not have to know Tamil to understand how the Tamil civilians felt being in the safety of the army and the care of voluntary doctors and nurses. Mr. Holmes spoke to them through interpreters which confirmed what he personally saw in the faces of the Tamil civilians and yet he did not at least issue a statement about what he found for himself. That was very strange. It was not normal but we who have known the UN for so long understood it all. All what Mr. Holms said was that he was going to collect several million dollars to help the displaced civilians

Then came the expected statement calling on all sides to pursue serious efforts towards political discussions to achieve an orderly end to the conflict. What the UN means by “all sides” has to be the government and the terrorists because there are no others involved. That means the UN has equated our government to be the equals of the LTTE. Besides what does the UN mean by telling us that we should pursue serious efforts towards a political solution when all such efforts have failed before and the government is now on the point of eliminating the terrorists for good? That reveals the inside thinking of those who run the UN. Also please note that the UN is placing conditions that will enable them to save the LTTE before the money Mr. Holms said he would collect could be given to the victims of the LTTE.

We do not what that money. We will look after them ourselves. Do we remember the so-called “Co-Chairs” that promised 4.5 billion dollars on condition we agreed to steps that will divide the country? One of the biggest supporters of the 4.5 billion dollar bait was minister G. L. Peiris. In a short while LTTE would be no more and the Co-Chairs could then use that money to develop the devastated areas that were under LTTE control but will they give that money? I say No because they never had honest and good intentions.

It is a common sight in Sri Lanka to see people give 2 rupees to a beggar. Those 2 rupees are equal to 2 American cents but that is given out of compassion to relieve the suffering of another expecting absolutely nothing in return and with no motives whatsoever. That is humane and that is noble unlike the C-Chairs and those who run the UN

The latest statement from the EU also of the same date calls on the government of Sri Lanka to engage in an inclusive political process which addresses the legitimate concerns of all communities. Who are these EU people to tell us all these things that infringe on our sovereignty? If the EU wants to relieve the suffering of people displaced by the LTTE they could do so but we will not ask them a cent. We are happy with what we are doing ourselves for the displaced Tamil people. Please remember one thing. We do not have social security of the type you have but all medical attention is free in government hospitals for everybody including the EU if any of its members had to have emergency heart surgery or any such thing. Already many from the EU go to India and Sri Lanka for specialized medical treatment in the private sector which is very much cheaper than in the EU. Our values are different and our culture is also different.

Le me say this to both the UN and the EU. For centuries the Sinhalese and the Tamils have lived in the same country but they did not have much contact. They were rather indifferent but after coming to know the suffering that the genuine Tamil people have undergone the Sinhalese in the South were keen to see the Tamil people. On seeing them and their faces, the hearts and minds of the Sinhalese just melted for them. These innocent people do not ask for 50% of the seats in parliament for a 12% minority. They do not ask for a homeland exclusively for themselves in which the Sinhalese have no rights but they continue to have the same rights as the Sinhalese where they live and they do not ask for one third the land containing two-third the coastline as a separate state for the 12% minority.

The people who demand these things are the effluent western educated Tamils who live in Colombo and do not recognize the national flag. They have become misfits in their own land of birth. They have the choice of either removing their hate towards the Sinhalese and continue to live in peace among them accepting the national flag and not the Eelam flag that will soon disappear or stew in hate in their own juice. The other alternative of going to Tamil Nadu or the West will not suit these affluent people because they cannot have it that good anywhere else other than in Sri Lanka.

Lastly what does the EU mean by legitimate concerns of all communities when absolutely nothing what ever has been denied to anybody on the basis of race or religion? We could have respect for both the UN and the EU if they would name instances where minorities in this country are at a disadvantage due to race or religion. In the meantime we should seriously consider having a “United Nations” of Asian countries including China, Russia and Iran for our mutual security. Let me say just one last word in this posting about the UN and the EU. It was the International Court of Justice at The Hague that ruled apartheid did not violate human rights.

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