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Who’s plan is Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan voicing?

By Shenali Waduge

It is common knowledge that India’s RAW was instrumental in forging the Karuna-Prabakaran deadlock and ultimate breakaway that served the interest of the Rajapakse Government and greatly assisted in liberating the East of LTTE domain. Thus, when calls for the implementation of 13th Amendment comes from this democratized former LTTE leader, it naturally raises eyebrows to wonder who’s thinking is being vocalized by the new Member of Parliament, especially when he says that Sri Lanka needs Indian assistance.

It is important that Sri Lanka’s future upon the elimination of LTTE domination should depart from the mentality of thinking in Sinhala or Tamil only. Both groups must know the others language and it is admirable that the education system has introduced Tamil to Sinhala medium schools and similarly it should also ensure that Tamil medium children also learn Sinhala – this way a major barrier will be bridged. Programs on television should also be introduced so that others too can learn and this the Government should turn into a major exercise. Communication barriers must be resolved positively not by segregating people further therefore enlisting Tamils into the police force on the grounds that they can communicate in Tamil is not too practical a solution and it would be better to have all serving police and armed force personnel especially public servants to be able to speak in both official languages and incentives to be given to those who make an effort to be conversant in both languages.

Nothing can be or should be given exclusively to the North or to the East Provincial Councils – if that be the case the revenues for the administrations of those Councils must come from their respective areas alone and the Provincial Councilors cannot expect the country’s tax payer’s money to be allocated for their development. Similarly, no one has any right to say that Sinhalese cannot live in the North or the East….has the Tamils who are now streaming into Colombo being stopped from taking residence?
Therefore, using “colonization” term as an excuse to impede communities from desiring to make a new home in the North and East cannot be turned into a political game-plan at any time. Besides, now that the peace pundits predict that the LTTE is likely to continue as a guerilla force it would make sense in keeping armed forces deployed in the North and East and perhaps their families may like to take up agriculture projects in these areas.

With the elimination of the North and following the vast development taking place in the East, it is likely that Sri Lanka in years to come will see enormous changes economically. When the East is visited by emissaries and development incentives are being discussed it also requires us to wonder at what cost these Aid Programs are likely to be and what type of “give and take” Sri Lanka is now expected to provide. Therefore, the Government & especially its ministers in charge of striking these AID Deals must be alert and cautious as to whether Sri Lanka is likely to lose out and their commissions MUST take 2nd place.

The two former LTTE leaders of the East must today feel the futility of the life they led having daydreamed of an “eelam” created by Prabakaran who has remained hidden from normal living though taking great pains to lead a luxurious life in the thick jungles of the Wanni and what of the Tamil people who made up his terror outfit – with cyanide capsules dangling from their necks and brainwashed into thinking the Sinhalese are meant to be killed, these young men and girls have been denied over 30 years of normal living and that is almost second generations being denied proper development. Growing up as child soldiers joining a killer force that denies the youth and adolescents their period to enjoy life, marry, start a family, have a career and prosper – what has the LTTE actually given the Tamil people? The LTTE has given opportunities for Tamils with money the ability to make their discrimination and genocide case in front of visa officers in foreign embassies and be granted refugee status – if less than 1000 were attacked and killed in 1983 riots, today 800,000 Tamils make up the Tamil Diaspora. Then we have the Tamils who live very comfortably amongst the Sinhalese – almost 95% of condominiums built in Colombo especially Wellawatte areas belong to expatriate Tamils and these are not even rented to Sinhalese – most remain vacant.

More than political proposals the people of Sri Lanka have sound problems related to their everyday living – from channeling doctors, to insipid roads, school admissions to obtaining monthly pensions, from rude public servants to ineffective public service are matters that take precedence over political solutions that are drafted to suit those drafting them and not the public – a blanket proposal that looks attractive on paper is hardly unlikely to generate any worthwhile changes for the people. It is agreed that the people of Sri Lanka need to know both the official languages and we should not require foreign advisors to understand this fact. Additionally, the mental attitudes that have been nursed all through these years must slowly shift to a positive attitude. It is not that the Sinhalese and Tamils and Muslims cannot live together – they are presently living together and it is only in the North that the LTTE has killed or chased out the Sinhalese and Muslims who were living there for years. Why are there no calls to facilitate these people to return to their homes?

- Asian Tribune -

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