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Tamil Diaspora and the Church: What comes next?

By Dr. Edward Perera

Some Tamils who live in Western countries are not only good at news breaking but also good at breaking any established social system where peace and democracy prevail. With their unconditional support to the local Tamil Tiger terrorists, they all have caused the enormous damage to the economy of Sri Lanka, where many Tamils (60% of the Tamil population) live in harmony among the Sinhalese.

Through continuous massacres, attacking industrial and other service organizations, places of public and religious interests, Tamil Tiger terrorists have proved their ability to destroy. During last 30 years, these Tamil youths were trained to use deadly weapons but not taught to cultivate even a single inch of land.Courtesy Sinhala NetCourtesy Sinhala Net

While claiming autonomy, these criminals lived with the financial support of the Central Government in Colombo. Even before independence and in post independent eras, there was not a single cabinet of ministers in Sri Lanka without Tamils and Muslims. Amongst such dignitaries in the central administration, there were High Court Judges and Attorney Generals, Army chiefs, Inspector General of Police, top rankers in Air Force and Navy, Local government chiefs, top administrators in Custom, Immigration and Emigration, Inland Revenue, Public administration, Education, Health and Banking systems etc.

If the Tamil Diaspora believes that Sri Lanka had only the Sinhalese administrators in the post independent era (which is a complete fabrication), they must then admit that the Tamils in Sri Lanka were just parasites who depended on Sinhalese taxpayer’s money without contributing anything to national economy since independence. On the other hand, by way of deception, they have only turned their backs to the people, who have helped these Tamils to achieve excellent education from kindergarten to universities free of cost even for the children of the richest Tamils, medicine and health care too at the cost of the state. So, what is the freedom these ungrateful und unfaithful "Tamils" were longing for? Is it the freedom to kill innocent people? Which international glossary defines ruthless killers as "Liberation Fighters"?

The idea of Genocide is not different to the story of raping Tamil girls by GOSL soldiers as a propaganda slogan amongst Tamil Diaspora. Once the rape argument has lost its validity, they have come up with this genocide idea. There will be no more concepts left for them, once the LTTE terrorism is totally wiped out domestically and internationally.

The innocent, simple and helpless Tamil civilians who are caught up in this conflict have clearly understood that the idea of a separate state for Tamils is just a disguise for a way of deception to collect funds through the Tamil Diaspora in rich Western countries. This Tamil terrorist outfit is almost completely defeated but the "Master Minds" that live abroad want to see how they can exploit this lunatic Tamil Diaspora to keep their multibillion international enterprises alive. Except for these fanatics of the Tamil Diaspora all reasonable Tamils clearly understand the illusory future of this so-called Homeland.

When 65 Million Tamils who live in Tamil Nadu in South India do not break their heads to establish homelands in there respective countries, what is the secret behind the motivation of the Tamil Diaspora to fight for a separate Homeland in Sri Lanka? Why don’t they return to Sri Lanka to join hand with others to develop the country than becoming mindless puppets controlled by these "Master minds"?

Domestically, it is clear to whole of Sri Lanka that this is nothing more than an act of terrorism by a handful criminals backed by international outfits. Such elements don’t care for a homeland for Tamils but perhaps another East Timor in Sri Lanka at the cost of lives sacrificed by the Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindu youths in that country. Fortunately, Tamil Hindus in Eastern Sri Lanka have realized the danger of a possible anti-Buddhist; anti-Hindu and anti-Islam rule in their area in future and have given up the idea of confrontation with the government but to cooperate and act with all communities.

The international community is not left with many alternatives at this juncture. We do salute the international community, which is already disillusioned with the so-called Tamil cause. Another bogus “international community“exists to cater the deceived Tamil Diaspora who are also backed by corrupt criminal elements. World community should be comprised of peace loving people or otherwise they would create insane Hitler type to rule the world.

Except for the hierarchy in the Catholic and Anglican Church in Sri Lanka, nobody would tolerate the leader of this terror group, Velupillai Pirabhakaran. Bishop of Jaffna Rev. *Emmanuel once openly compared Pirabhakaran to Jesus Christ, who preached non-violence at the cost of his life.

*(Bastiampillai Deogupillai was born into a large catholic family in Kayts. Cradled in the traditional catholic faith, educated and disciplined in the traditions of the catholic colleges in Jaffna - St.Antony's College of Kayts and St.Patrick's College of Jaffna - formed and ordained as a priest in Rome in 1941, he worked for over five decades as a Priest and Bishop in filial obedience to God and his church till the last days of his retirement in 1992. Back at home he obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the London University and the Diploma in education from the Ceylon University. He had played soccer for the Ceylon University team. Before the Second Vatican Council in which he participated came to a close, he had opened up new missions into the jungles of Wanni, initiated boldly the services of the laity, and laid the foundations for the future of a local church with an indigenous clergy.)

I will leave it to the readers to judge the role of Christian Church in Sri Lankan politics. The above short text explains to the people who sympathise with the Tamil community on the grounds that they are deprived of an education in the county. In a country, where millions of Sinhalese and Muslims were longing for the opportunities to go to university, Father Emmanuel had access to higher education and also to play soccer for the university team.

He is amongst many millions of Sri Lankan Tamils who obtained excellent free education in Sri Lanka. I hardly understand how he got this rare chance, if the Sinhalese majority were racists. Contrarily to Bishop Emmanuel’s role in communal politics, world record holder Mutthaiah Muralitharan has set an entirely a different example by winning fame to his country where he was born and he did his schooling with Sinhalese class mates. Two people from the same community in games have proved their abilities in two different ways.

One has bowled to send the opposing batsman to the pavilion and the other had bawled all the time against the people who have helped him to rise to this level. No wonder the Tamil Diaspora hails Bishop Emmanuel than Mutthaiah Muralitharan.

- Asian Tribune

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