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Nations That Want To Save Prabakaran

A commentary by L. Jayasooriya

Want to maintain their high living standards

One might ask what Prabakaran has got to do with the high living standards of the West. The answer is that he has everything got to do with it because if he could be made use of to de-stabilize Sri Lanka then it would be a very simple matter to de-stabilize India and the threat that India poses to the West in being highly competitive in high tech equipment could be removed. Akashi will also give a sigh of relief. He has visited Sri Lanka 13 times and I hear he is encouraged to make his 14th visit to join in the plan to help the LTTE. Some time ago there has even been mention of UN troops in this regard. Where is his 4.5 billion dollar bait now?

In an earlier occasion when Akashi wanted to meet Thamil Chelvem permission to go to Kilinocchi was refused and he has said that he has other means of contacting him. That to us means that he was going to make use of Thamil Chelvam to de-stabilize Sri Lanka so that India could be de-stabilized and she will no longer be able to undercut Japan. Now Ban Ki-Moon is sending somebody to Sri Lanka to facilitate the release of the trapped innocent Tamil civilians. That to us is insulting talk when he himself knows that Prabakaran will not release his human shield.

He is not alone. Mr.Woods, a spokesman I am sorry to say, for the Obama administration insults us by equating us to be on the same level as the LTTE and asking us not to fire into the no-fire zone when we do not. It was we who created the no-fire zone but the LTTE used it to their advantage. Mr. Woods, please remember that no nation has the authority to order another nation to commit suicide or to do anything whatsoever. The world will live to see the outcome of what America did to Iraq in terms of Iran.

I like to ask all these people whose hearts melt on the very thought of human suffering where their hypocritical hearts were when Pol Pot systematically murdered one million Cambodians. Repeat one million innocent Cambodians because they had a Western education and he wanted to start a county of his own. I ask the Pope where he was when Diem the Catholic puppet of America started systematically killing Buddhist monks in Vietnam? Did the Pope say just one word against it in spite of the fact that he had the authority to order Diem to stop the murders? How about the killings that are taking place every day in Iraq and in Afganistan?

The hearts of these do-gooders suddenly started melting when it became clear that Prabakaran will be defeated. So now they want time to work out a rescue plan but our patriotic President has allayed our fears that he will not yield to any pressure from within or without to stop eradicating the LTTE from the soil of this country.

The only option left for those who want to save Prabakaran is to invade and save him. Why not try that rather than waste our time? The world environment is just right for such a move.

- ASian Tribune -

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