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A Poll on Prabhakaran: Is his end nears?

Colombo / Stockholm/ New Delhi, 02 May, ( Anthony  & Prabhakaran - Son and Father will they survive?Charles Anthony & Prabhakaran - Son and Father will they survive? As yet another week ends with no word about the whereabouts of Velupillai Prabhakaran, it is natural for the media to speculate and the gossip mills to go into overdrive on what has happened to him, who has carved out a Robinhood image for himself down the past 30-odd years.

A conjecture that has many takers on either side of the Palk Straits is that Prabhakaran is, indeed, dead but his close faithful are maintaining the myth of his invincibility.

If this is the case, certainly, President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his army chief would have gone to the town with the ‘good news’.

Also Indian government and the far away American Government would not be sitting tight lipped if he had died by enemy bullet or killed himself by consuming the cyanide pill – a pill that had taken the lives of so many innocent youngsters who were forcibly conscripted into the Tigers’ force.

There is a widely held view that whatever be his other failings, Prabhakaran is not given to self-pity, primarily because he is a megalomaniac.

Also at the end of the day, he, like any other person in the sub-continent, is a family man. He loves his son and daughter and would like to be with them and when the time comes by the side of their children as dotting grand father – a privilege he had denied to hundred thousand fathers in recent years.

A question that has been doing the round particularly after the UN satellite pictures on humanitarian problems have been accessed by the Times of London is: Could not any one of the eagle eyes in the sky take a close images of the tongue shaped coastal reef that is sheltering Prabhakaran and his trusted men. And even pinpoint his position or movements?

Another question that has come upfront after the speculation about the possibility of Prabhakaran making his escape good in a submarine is about the so called surveillance of the coastal waters.

How effective is the coastal patrolling?

There are no definite answers.

But if one goes by the ‘landing’ of 11 Tamil refugees at Kakinada hoodwinking the Indian and Sri Lanka navies, it is safe to presume that gaping holes are inescapable in any security cordon.

Since the LTTE and its proxies have not as yet hit the road with their announcement about Prabhakaran, it is possible that he and his injured son are still holed up in a luxury bunker which lies beyond the mortar range of the army.

While grappling with these ifs and buts of Prabhakaranisms, it is essential to come to grips with the post-Prabhakarn scene as well.

For the sake of millions of people who have just emerged from the claws of death that the Tigers had come to represent for them.

Also for the sake of long pending concerns of the ethnic Tamil minority and other minority groups in the country.

Certainly to thwart interested outsiders from hijacking the Lanka Tamil issue for their petty electoral politics.

So, Asian Tribune has decided to find out what the readers think about the issues that are coming upfront, particularly what should be done if Prabhakaran surrenders and what should be the fate of his loyal Tigers cadres.

Should the cadres be punished for the sins of their master who had refused to look beyond his nose and turned a blind a eye to the clear writing on the wall, which everyone, who is any one on the political landscape of Sri Lanka, could see for a long while.

We hope the readers at home in Sri Lanka and outside Sri Lanka will participate in the survey and offer their views, which, we are certain; the leadership will welcome it as the pulse of the nation.

- Asian Tribune

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