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Roll Back Time For Pak Militancy In Kashmir

By J.N. Raina - Syndicate Features

It is an opportune time for strife-torn Pakistan to roll-back its proxy war, intended to inflict a “thousand cuts” on India, and say ‘peccavi’ (we have sinned). It should windup its acts of terrorism in Kashmir and recall mercenaries, at least for its own survival. In fact, time is ripe for the people of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) to rise up and agitate for the region’s merger with the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Instead of sponsoring open-ended terrorism, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) must flog itself and accept its culpability for fomenting trouble in Kashmir and making Pakistan a ‘crucible’ of global terror.

How long will Islamabad depend on the open-handed ‘alms’ and charitable military aid from the US, which has panicked because of the civil war-like situation obtaining in Pakistan. Questions are being raised whether Pakistan will survive. It is a debatable question. Civilized nations have got alarmed and feel concerned about the fate of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, which might fall into wrong hands, in case, the Taliban, in conjunction with the Al Qaida, take control of the Islamic State of Pakistan.

Pakistan must realize that terrorism it sponsored across India—and globally too—has now re-bounced and backfired. Enough is enough. Lot of blood has been shed in the subcontinent because of Pakistan’s misdeeds. The year-old civilian and ‘democratic’ government, led by Ali Zardari, must be tasting the red blood of innocent people, who are being killed almost daily either by its own army or the ‘jihadis’, armed to the teeth by the hydra-headed ISI. The Muslims are tired of the so-called Islamic jihad, aided and abetted by ISI.

It is the Pakistan army, which is now sucking the blood of its own citizens, for no fault of theirs. The leadership must resort to self-flagellation, rather than patiently listen to the shrieks and cries of the young girl victims from unruly Swat region.

While Pakistan is engulfed in flames, it has no inclination to desist from indulging in cross-border terrorism. The situation is grim and fraught with dangerous consequences, all along LoC and elsewhere in the country, because of the security considerations. This is why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has lamented: "India has not been very successful in warding off terrorist attacks." And he explains "This violent constituency has not given up their efforts to strike again and destabilize the country".

Massive infiltration from Pakistan continues unabated, and from all directions. Even Nepal border is not being spared. At least, 53 terrorists, who crossed LoC, were killed by the security forces this year so far. Several hundred Mujahideen are waiting in their wings in PoK and in several hundred camps in Pakistan, to cross over, with instructions to create mayhem during the ongoing Lok Sabha poll in India.

The disclosure made by the captured Pakistan mercenary, Sakib Moinullah Shah, indicates what Pakistan is up to and to what extent it can go to bleed India. The Islamic country is scheming to dismember India, but never mind, if it gets disintegrated itself in the process of such dirty planning.

Shah was part of the 120-member group of infiltrators who crossed the LoC in Kupwara sector. The infiltrators included 31 terrorists, 15 of whom were killed by the Indian Army. Others are at large. The rest of the caravan were porters, guides, ice cutters et el, to make the terrorists’ ‘sojourn’ safe in the valley. They had full backing of the Pakistan Army. The anti-terrorist operation cost India nine personnel, including an officer.

Moinullah, 25, is a resident of NWFP, an area under Taliban hold. He had crossed the border along with 31 guerrillas of the Hizbul Mujahideen cadre. He was told by his ‘instructors’ that Islam is in danger in Kashmir and he was needed for jihad. But when he found everything peaceful in Kashmir, he felt disgruntled and wanted to go back to Pakistan. Before he made an attempt to ex-filtrate, the owner of the house where he was staying, informed the Army and got him caught.

Kudos to this unidentified civilian who kept the Army posted about the terrorist. Kashmiris are fed up with terrorism. Pakistan cannot hoodwink people anymore that Islam is in danger in Kashmir. Now the pro-Pakistan Hurriyat Conference is a divided house. Its boycott calls are being ignored in the valley. People have participated in the Lok Sabha elections as well in large numbers. Poll percentage was even higher in Kashmir than at some places in the rest of the country.

The trained terrorists had infiltrated with a heavy armoury, consisting of 13,000 rounds of AK-47 ammunition, 245 grenades of UBGLS (Under Barrel Grenade Launchers), RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), 32 kg of explosives, detonators, switches etc. This small size heavy ordnance ‘factory’ was unearthed from a hideout near the LoC, following the valuable information provided by the Kashmiri civilian to the Army. Shah was trained in NWFP’s Mansehra camp. It is from where Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone Pakistan terrorist, caught during November Mumbai carnage, had received sophisticated training.

While Pakistan is in flames, it is keen to continue its 25-year-long proxy war, to avenge the creation of Bangladesh in 1971 war. There is hardly any guilt visible on the face of Pakistani leadership. Its mea culpa for sponsoring terrorism is not forthcoming. It has now become a hardened terrorist Islamic State, with no legs to stand upon.

Recently, Zardari faced humiliation in London. He had to leave a joint press conference in a huff, which was arranged with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, when the latter branded Pakistan as the ‘crucible’ of terrorism. Perhaps Brown was alluding to the arrest of 11 Pakistani national, allegedly involved in a major terror plot. Pakistan is not ashamed of its evil acts. It is already being dubbed as ‘international migraine’ and ‘epicentre’ of global terrorism.

Pakistan need not kill its people for its wrong policies. It should destroy jihadi culture, the bane of the turbulent nation, at war with itself. It needs to close down madrassas, the centres of anti-Islamic teachings. The authorities in Pakistan should seize weapons from every household, especially in restive NWFP, and preach non-violence. The path is cumbersome for Pakistan, but it will be rewarding in the long run. Better to tread on the path of righteousness than to get perished.

When Taliban were marching towards Islamabad, Zardari was playing footsie with donor countries, which have pledged dollars for the beleaguered nation to fight terrorism. Militancy has paid Pakistan. Interestingly, Fatima Bhutto, niece of slain former Prime Minister Mrs Benazir Bhutto, has pleaded with the donors to "stop funding my failing state …. It has not made Pakistan safer". She feels anguished. "…we now have our own version of the Taliban, busy blowing up trade routes and flogging young girls".

- Asian Tribune -

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