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US will oppose military take over

By Wajid Ali Syed – Washington Correspondent for Asian Tribune

Washington, 06 May, ( The United States has vowed that it will support Pakistan’s democratic government and will resist the military takeover. Speaking at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, US special representative Richard Halbrooke said, "Our goal must be to support and help stabilize a democratic Pakistan headed by its elected president, Asif Ali Zardari," adding that "we have the highest strategic interests in supporting this government."

He said, Obama administration will oppose military takeover, if that happens, and termed it - terrible.

In his testimony before the Committee, Holbrooke revealed that Pakistan has used fighter jets to combat extremists in Bajaur and Swat. The US, he said, was now doing midlife upgrading of these F-16s and after the upgrading they could be used more effectively against the extremists.

He opposed linking US aid to allowing access to AQ Khan, calling it a "mistake."

The special representative also rejected the idea of striking a deal with President Zardari’s opposition Nawaz Sharif and said that US remains in contact with all the political leaders in different countries.

He told the House Committee that he met President Zardari on a night before to discuss current situation in Pakistan’s troubled areas.

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