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Providing Safe Haven For Prabhakaran

A Commentary By L. Jayasooriya

There was a posting in yesterday's (14/05/2009) “Asian Tribune” by a writer on the above subject who made a very logical argument why no country that has declared the LTTE a terrorist organization could provide a safe haven to Prabhakaran according to International Law..

What the writer of that posting does not realize is that logical arguments are not valid legal arguments in the High Court of Justice of the International Community if such arguments erode their power to exploit the rest of the world.

It was their "International Court of Justice," at The Hague that declared apartheid does not violate human rights and the dignity of the non-white man. There has never been any such thing as International Law as descent human beings would recognize and there never ever will be.

In other postings I have already explained that the IC nations want Prabhakaran to fragment India so that India’s R&D program could be demolished thus protecting the high living standards of the IC while India wants Prabhakaran to get a foothold in Sri Lanka so that one day she could annex it and be the undisputed ruler of the Indian Ocean. What hopes some nations have!

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