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Civilian rescue mission just 48 hours away- President Rajapaksa

Amman, 15 May, ( President Mahinda Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing workers in Amman, JordanSri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing workers in Amman, JordanRajapaksa, during his official visit to Jordan to attend the G-11 Summit, addressing Sri Lankan migrant workers employed at the 'Casual Wear' garment factory in the Kingdom of Jordon assured on Thursday(14) that the Tamil civilians held hostage by the LTTE in small area of land in the North would be rescued and the Tamils would be saved from the threat of LTTE terrorism.

Speaking further President Rajapaksa greatly valued and appreciated the contribution by all Sri Lankans employed in Jordon and the Middle East towards the nation’s economy and pointed out that steps implemented by him as a minister during 1994 and 2000 enabled to attend to the welfare, and find resolutions to the problems faced by Sri Lankan migrant workers. 'Because of such meaningful measures we decided to offer training to many of them who sought employment overseas', the President noted.

He stressed the need to find solutions to domestic and social problems that emerge in families as a result of seeking greener pastures overseas by Sri Lankan workers.

President Rajapaksa pointed out to the large gathering of Sri Lankan employees that Sri Lanka has been able to maintain a reasonable level in the economy, despite the global economic recession and noted that the foreign exchange remittances contributed to the national coffers were of significance to maintain a stable level in the country’s economy and the government much appreciated such a valuable service.President Mahinda Rajapaksa welcome by workers in Amman - (Pix - Sudath Silva)President Mahinda Rajapaksa welcome by workers in Amman - (Pix - Sudath Silva)

"I know that our people overseas are keen to know about the situation in the country’s North. The LTTE terrorists deprived us from reaping the benefits of the presidential election victory in 2005 and started to kill unarmed soldiers. Despite such provocations, we held talks with them in Geneva and Oslo to find solutions. But, the LTTE disrupted all such efforts and resorted to terror. The LTTE then closed the Mavil-Aru sluice gates and tried to cause untold misery to the Tamils and Muslims in the East. We took appropriate action to combat the threat to ensure that the people were supplied water from that tank", the President recalled.

Traversing back to the unfortunate past, the President stated that when the LTTE displaced the Muslims in Mutur, the government took swift action to restore normalcy and resettle them within 40 days.” We liberated Sampur, Vakarai and Thoppigala and completely restored democracy in the entire Eastern province”, the President proudly asserted.

Treading on the political sphere in Sri Lanka, President Rajapaksa recalled that the infamous ceasefire agreement signed by Ranil Wickremesinghe virtually handed over the entire North and East to LTTE terrorism. "Even at this moment Ranil Wickremesinghe is on a foreign mission causing further to his nation harm by his actions", he pointed out.

The President categorically stated that after assuming office,he and his government took immediate steps to abrogate all agreements that favored the LTTE. "The troops have successfully cornered the LTTE to a small strip of land in the North and the gallant armed deserve the honour. We must hail the brave Army, Navy, Air force and not forget the valuable service rendered by Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa", the President told the gathering.

The President while appreciating the contribution of our migrant workers to stabilize the national economy urged them to be recipients in the effort to build a prosperous Sri Lanka.

Reffering to the infra-structure development initiated in the East after the liberation of the province he added that several ports have been earmarked for development with an airport at Hambantota. ’We have already launched several power projects to meet the demand like projects in Norochcholai and Kerawalapitiya while reducing the unemployment level to five per cent’, he said.

He said despite attempts by some nations to bully a small country like Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan people stood firm to uphold the nation’s dignity and honor to live as a proud people. "We have already taken steps to resettle over 200,000 displaced persons in the North under state security and we are much fast in such methods, when compared to other countries which experience war situations', the President pointed out.

"The next step would be to offer a political solution to the problems of Tamils to prevent fragmentation of the country. My aim is to provide a free nation for all people to live in dignity and honor. Let us hail our gallant troops who have created such a passage for our people', the President said in a sentimental note.

The President urged all migrant workers and Heads of Sri Lankan Missions over there to conduct themselves in a manner most disciplined to uphold the dignity and honor of the nation. "Let us be proud of our beautiful country and I wish you all success", the President concluded.

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