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Sri Lanka: Ranil behind the war crime charges against Rajapaksa duo?

By Nanda Kodi from London

The speech delivered recently [on 10th of May 2009 in London] by Steven Key, the QC, who is going to be appointed to the war crimes committee advisory board of the international bar association hints strong possibility of bringing war crime charges against President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Secretary Defense Gotabaya Rajapakse before the International Criminal Court [ICC] for alleged war crimes committed in the northern war zone. Recently, the UK Foreign Minister told Sri Lanka that it may face a potential war crimes probe over deaths of civilians in the island's conflict.

The incumbent President of Sudan and 51 others are already charged after the UN Security Council referred Darfur issue to the ICC and a warrant for President of Sudan has been already issued, for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Recent developments in Sri Lanka, particularly the discreet behavior of Ranil Wickramasinghe implies that the war crime charge against Rajapaksa duo is a real possibility. Ranil, who is going to be the UNP candidate in the next year presidential election, according to SB Dissanayake, is now engaged in an all out war against Rajapaksa duo. He fully understands that he has no chance in the Sri Lankan politics unless he brings an abrupt end to Rajapaksa regime by whatever means.

Before embarking on his current European tour, Ranil, who yearned for power, held talks with LTTE proxy TNA’s Parliamentary R Sampanthan and Mano Ganeshan. He also held talks with former Norwegian Peace Envoy Erick Solheim, a close ally of LTTE in Oslo, who is now disappointed with the Rajapaksa’s regime after Norway was forced out as a peace negotiator.

Clearly, there is a united front against Rajapaksa’s regime and it appears that the unhappy West is now engaged in a witch-hunt with undivided support of none other than the leader of the opposition of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickramasinghe to substantiate their alleged war crime charges against Rajapaksa’s duo. Evidence is being collected shrewdly with the help of the satellite technology – mostly unverified images of mass murder. The process is gathering pace and Ranil’s utterly inexplicable behavior beyond imagination is clearly deserved a collective condemnation by all sons of mother Lanka.

It appears that the West displeased with the decisive action against LTTE has forgotten the recent wars waged against Iraq and in the Gaza strip, where evidence of real war crimes was in abundance. No word was uttered about these crimes committed against humanity or war crime charges against those who are responsible for the atrocities.

The deceitful conduct of George Bush and Tony Blair in the war against Iraq and the indiscriminate shelling is a living example for war crimes. They went to war with manifestly unfounded allegations against Saddam Hussein - possession of weapons of mass destruction posing an imminent threat to the West.

Under the cover of weapons of mass destruction hundreds of thousands of innocent beings, including women, children and elderly were killed. Illogical war against Iraq virtually destroyed that beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage. Obviously, it was a carefully calculated conspiracy against Saddam Hussein regime that the West disliked. The reason given to justify the war is purely an insult to the intelligence of the international community. In Gaza, on the other hand, for just 13 Israelis; thousands of innocent civilians were killed and most of the infrastructure was destroyed in the West bank. Where was this so-called international community concerned with the human life when these atrocities were committed?

These people have conveniently forgotten the true picture in the war against the LTTE. It is one of the most ruthless and dangerous terrorist organizations in the world that is responsible of killing two leaders of two nations - Rajiv Gandhi of India and Premadasa of Sri Lanka. This terrorist outfit refused political ideology of moderate Tamil leaders who represented the Tamils in the Parliament of Sri Lanka resulting in all Tamil parliamentarians dead. They also killed other respected Tamil leaders who opposed the LTTE political opinion including the respected Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, Luckshman Kadiragamar. With a view to expand their territory they hacked to death killed tens of thousands of innocent Sinhalese domiciled in the in the villages near the LTTE territories. Now their dates are numbered and the LTTE knows that they would have been killed or captured by now if not for the human shield.

Therefore, now they engage in a do or die operation. Innocent people who are forcibly held against their will and trying to escape from their clutches are indiscriminately attacked with mortars and artillery fire. Satellite images about the firing at fleeing civilians and the accounts by surrendered LTTE carders provides first hand evidence of inhuman actions of LTTE and their orders to shoot on sight anybody who defy their orders and try to cross over to government controlled areas.

It is the security forces who are acting with utmost restraint avoiding any form of collateral damage inside the civilian safe zone, despite provocative and indiscriminate LTTE artillery shelling and mortar attacks. There is plenty of aerial footage taken by the UAVs which provide substantial evidence on the form of crimes the outfit is perpetrating at liberty inside the CSZ. The footage also includes the LTTE's use of heavy artillery pieces, armored tanks and vehicle mounted gun attacks at both civilian and the advancing troops.

Yet, these are deliberate campaigns to extend the suffering of the civilian hostages while throwing a lifeline to an internationally banned terrorist outfit and its notorious leaders who are most wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Those who cry for LTTE are fully aware of the ground realities. Yet they have failed to realize the dangers faced by the security forces in the current civilian rescue mission. They insist that security forces should suffer heavy firepower being used by the LTTE but not to retaliate with the same force. Already security forces have sustained heavy casualties purely for not retaliating with heavy fire power.

Now the battle with the LTTE is at its decisive days and now it is purely a humanitarian mission. The government repeatedly called the LTTE not to use the civilians as a human shield but to surrender.

Yet, LTTE refused to surrender or release the civilians who are confined to a small area. The role played in this humanitarian mission by the Sri Lankan security forces is in fact, commendable and probably not seen anywhere in the world. Unlike US forces and Israel forces, the Sri Lankan security forces treat the civilians with dignity and respect.

People of Sri Lanka are intelligent and their literacy rate is highest in the region and they are quite capable of identifying the true enemy against mother Lanka within, and the opposition headed by Ranil Wickramasinghe, will be dealt with a severe blow by the power of the people for their treacherous actions against mother Lanka.

There is not a single country in this planet governed by an impotent ‘ponnayas’ effeminates, and that is why Ranil is an utter failure for more than 15 or more elections. Therefore, whatever the efforts he made to bring the government down will be a flop. However, his stand as a leader of UNP is a blessing in disguise to the mother Lanka, as the UNP headed by Ranil that gave the LTTE an international recognition, will be sidelined from the power as long as Ranil leads the Party.

Recently one prominent UNP leader said that Prabakaran pays the penalty for defeating Ranil at the Last Presidential election. What does this means? It is evident that if not for the failure of this man very likely by now the LTTE would have easily established a state separating the mother Lanka.

For the damages caused to the Mother Lanka, with strengthening the LTTE with all modern firepower that caused severe loss of casualties in the security forces, Ranil’s name will be written in the history as an alleged, person who worked against the welfare of the motherland. Whilst the name of Gotabaya Rajapaksaq, a fearless and committed man with confidence to stand against the western pressure together with other brave sons who lead the war against LTTE terrorists and those sacrificed their life to save the country will be remembered for ever as true sons of mother Lanka.

- Asian Tribune -

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