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Sri Lanka NGO confirms the death of LTTE leader Prabhakaran and his entire family members

Colombo, 25 May, ( Sri Lanka’s leading NGO confirms the death of Prabhakaran and his family members. He said that he received the confirmation officially from Oslo.

Sewalanka Foundation President Dr. Harsha Kumar Navaratne speaking to Asian Tribune said that he received the confirmation regarding the death of the leader of Tamil Tigers from Oslo. He disclosed the death was officially revealed by the Norwegians, through "a contact person who is actually the NGO consortium fellow in Oslo."

Dr. Harsha Kumar Navaratne also disclosed about the negotiations American, Norwegian Ambassadors as well as NGOs had with the Sri Lanka Government to safeguard the Tamil Tiger leadership and the cadres belonging to the outfit. He revealed after working out a plan to safeguard by surrendering, suddenly the Tiger leadership as usual reneged and went on fighting.

He also dismissed the allegations that Sri Lanka Army killed LTTE’s political head B.Nadesan and the LTTE’s Peace Secretariat Secretary General Pulidevan when they came out holding white flags to surrender at the last moment of the battle against the terrorist outfit. Dr. Harsha Kumar Navaratne said that "There is no truth in any of those stories," and questioned "How can someone walk with two flags when another 100 were attacking the army?"

Given below the excerpts of the interview Asian Tribune had with Dr. Harsha Kumar Navaratne, President of the Sewalanka Foundation:

Asian Tribune: I learnt that KP has told that Prabhakaran and his family has been killed.

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: He has phoned to a Norwegian guy.

Asian Tribune: Was that to Norwegian Minister Erick Soheim?

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: They confirmed to us from Norway that LTTE leader Prabhakaran was dead.

Asian Tribune: Was that Eric Solheim who confirmed the death of Prabhakaran to you all?

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: No, it was another contact person who confirmed to us. He is working in the NGO sector. He does not want us to mention his name. So he confirmed to us that Mr.Prabaharan and along with him, his entire family members were dead.

Asian Tribune: Is it possible that I can quote you?

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: Well, you can quote me saying that one of the civil society person from Oslo have confirmed. So, on that basis you can quote me.

Asian Tribune: I was told that it was Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP called Eric Solheim and Eric Solheim told you?

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: Not Eric Solheim directly, but the one who is having the contact with us on behalf of Oslo, because Eric is not calling anyone of us after the ceasefire is broken. He seems to be very careful. So there is a contact person who is actually the NGO consortium fellow in Oslo. He is a Norwegian guy, so he confirmed the deaths of Prabhakaran, his wife, two sons and the daughter.

Asian Tribune : Did they contacted you all requesting to help Pullithevan and Nadesan at any circumsyances?

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: I wish to tell you that the Government had discussion with the American ambassador and Norwegian ambassador one month ago, that if they (LTTE) wanted to surrender and there will be a proper way of head counting and to sort out this issue. Through some of our NGOs, we had 260 people from 17 NGOs inside Vanni at that time and they also requested us and we also tried to help. The Government and then the ICRC agreed. The International community agreed to do everything.

But after one week, after finalizing everything with regard to safeguarding the LTTE leaders and cadres, LTTE suddenly said, “No” saying that it was not what they wanted. You see that was the only chance they had and they would have sort it out without putting so many people into difficulty. Unfortunately they messed it up.

Asian Tribune: There is a news article written by the London Times correspondent. “Tigers begged me to broker surrender,” - Mary Kolmein

Harsha Kumar Navaratne:What I am saying is that the International community, plus government, plus everybody would have worked out some ways to safeguard the Tigers. But the LTTE was adamant and refused. That was the turning point and that is why lot of people suffered and lot of people have had difficulty. Otherwise it would have been a well coordinated surrender arrangement with the help of the government and the international community. After that it became impossible, when 99.9% of the war was over, how can we negotiate the surrender of Pullithevan and Nadesan, at that point of time?

Asian Tribune : These people are making a story saying that these two came out holding white flag to surrender and the army shot and killed them.

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: There is no truth in any of those stories. How can someone walk with two flags when another 100 were attacking the army?

Asian Tribune They should have come like Daya Master and the George Master did?

Harsha Kumar Navaratne: Yes, correct. That would have been the best way. They had several opportunity and they missed. When their suicide cadres were trying to kill the army and in my view that was not the correct tactic to surrender and that was the wrong time they chose, when the war was almost finished.

- Asian Tribune -

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