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On Prabhakaran death: Elegy of Tamil Ndu Leaders

Colombo, 26 May, ( Hardly 24 hours could end, after LTTE head of international relations, Selvarasa Padmanathan acknowledged “with heavy hearts” the death of their leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, here comes objections and counter statement from Pazha Nedumaran, convenor of the Sri Lankan Tamils Protection Movement and MDMK general secretary Vaiko.

Dismissing the statement of Padmanathan that LTTE chief was killed, as "an act of betrayal" Vaiko asserted that Prabhakaran is very much alive.

In a statement Vaiko said "Prabhakaran, the hero of world Tamils, is very much alive and he has not even an iota of doubt in it. The LTTE supremo will emerge at an appropriate time to win Tamil Eelam."

It was an act of betrayal on the part of Padmanathan to make a volte face, after having announced in Channel-4, a London based TV, that Prabhakaran was very much alive, he said

Vaiko said that Padmanathan had no authority to issue statement on behalf of the LTTE; only recently he was appointed to the post. He said it appeared Padmanathan was trying to create confusion in the LTTE by joining hands with the traitors.

There was also evidence to show that Padmanathan was presently caught in the hands of international intelligence agencies, he added.

Asking the Eelam Tamils and Tamils elsewhere in the world not to believe the statement, Vaiko pointed out that LTTE international intelligence leader Arivazhagan had also confirmed that Prabhakaran was alive.

Expressing the same sentiment, Pazha Nedumaran said "Instead of discussing on falsehood, we should take steps to support the effort of achieving the goal."

"Except the close generals of Prabhakaran, none has authority to issue official statements. No body need to believe the statements of those who are not authorized," Nedumaran said.

Nedumaran said the Lankan forces have killed more than one lakh Tamil Tigers and civilians, and thousands of civilians are dying for want of food, drinking water and medicine. "In the name of protected zones in the army camps thousands of people are being tortured."

Saying that war has ended and making the rest of the world believe so, the Lankan army is attacking Tamils, he says and adds, "to hide all these atrocities and to diversify the world’s attention, the false news that Prabhakaran is killed is being spread."

"For what goal Prabhakaran was fighting that has not been reached. Tamils woes stretch. The trained warriors and generals of Prabhakaran, under his direction, are still fighting to attain the goal. Hence without believing the false news spread we should involve ourselves with supporting the cause," the statement added.

Stand of TamilNet

In the meantime the TamilNet on Monday said "the general opinion prevails is that Colombo has failed in conclusively establishing the evidence for Pirapaharan's demise. It has not taken any credible efforts to verify evidence either."

It said that failure in the responsibility of coming out with the truth also falls on the Indian Establishment. "The Indian Intelligence has recorded all the details of LTTE leader's physiognomy when it has taken him into custody in mid-80's in India. It should have verified his death with evidence at least for its legal purposes. But observers think that India maybe having its own reasons for its silence."

Even 'omnipotent' powers of the information age have not come out with any authentic statement, the website said.

The TamilNet concluded as it is being heavily pressed by its readership to know the truth, "it has become a necessity to state that TamilNet doesn't take any responsibility for any of the stands taken, as these are beyond its independent verification."

Which means it sticks to Selvarasa Padmanathan’s view? And as a policy going non committal?

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