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Akashi’s 18th Attempt To Destroy Us : He will never succeed

A Commentary by L. Jayasooriya

It has been reported in the media that the Japanese envoy Yasushi Akashi will be visiting Colombo and New Delhi from June 8th to 12th. This is reported to be his 18th visit.

During his stay here he will be meeting with government officials and representatives of opposition parties to ask for assistance to (1) Resettlement of internally displaced persons and (2) Swift progress of a political process for national reconciliation.

According to the report Akashi will be exchanging views with Indian government officials on the situation in Sri Lanka. Mr. Akashi is perfectly free to exchange views about us with any country or with any individual but when he makes a public statement that involves us we have the right to ask him what relevance India has got with us. The government should ask him that question so that an appropriate answer could be given which should be made public.

In his very early missions Mr. Akashi promised to lend us 4.5 billion US dollars for the development of the North and the East if we agree to take steps that will result in the division of the country. We thought that it was very strange and also that it was the money of the Japanese people but in any case we could not figure it out.

Now let us go back to a few incidents in the past. When a senior LTTE cadre was killed, pressure was made to bear on our spineless government at that time by a powerful source that we could not identify then but we know now to hold an inquiry into his killing.

When it was agreed to hold an inquiry you Mr. Akashi responded that you were very glad about it but you had nothing to say about the horror killings perpetrated by the LTTE. At that time we were not interested in this incident but sometime later the UNP divulged the names may be over 50 of a deep penetration squad called the Long Rangers who were targeting the senior LTTE cadres. Within a few days each and every member of the squad was killed. There was an inquiry on this and a panel of judges gave their findings. This is the time when those findings should be taken out and made public and also taken up with Mr. Akashi because they appear to be pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. .

Do you remember Mr. Akashi the day when you wanted to visit Kilicochchi to meet with Thamil Chelvam a very senior LTTE cadre and the government refused you permission? You then said that you have other means of contacting him. That was all very strange because we did not know the connection which we now know. Today you cannot meet him because the government forces killed him. Why did you not take this killing to the International Court of Justice at The Hague which incidentally was the Court that had declared that apartheid did not violate human rights? We call that Court the white man’s Court of Justice where double standards, double talk and double speak originated.

You were very vociferous in taking up our government to the UNHRC for genocide. Later you abstained from voting when you realized its implications. If you had voted with our enemies you would have had no place in Asia. The same goes to India but it was the wisdom of Dr. Manmohan Singh that prevailed.

Your activities against us on behalf of America will make you the UNP of Japan. Since you are in close touch with the UNP you should know how hard they are trying to destroy our country by subjugating us to the SAIC.

In one of your previous visits you have also warned us that unless we comply with your demands you would get the UN to intervene which to us means a UN occupation and the division of the country as in Cyprus. After the combined defeat of the mighty military nations at the hands of tiny Sri Lanka it is only now that we see the origin of the co-chairs of Tokyo, co-chairs of Oslo etc. whatever co-chairs mean and could trace their chairman to America. All these years you were a mystery to us until the self appointed international community (SAIC) demanded us to hand over Prabakaran to them in order that they could first use Prabakaran to separate Tamil Nadu from India and then follow up with a very large agenda. It is from that day that we began to see you as a spokesman for the SAIC the same as Erik Solheim.

You know very well that it is India that created the LTTE with the object of destabilizing our country to facilitate invasion and annexation so that they could truly be the masters that control the Indian Ocean. India in fact invaded and openly admitted that they came to stay. Prabakaran, when he realized that he was used by India to annex Sri Lanka and not establish Eelam and go away, single-handedly defeated the invading troops with weapons supplied to him by Premadasa.

India wants to de-stabilize Sri Lanka in the hope that there could be a chance for her to get a foothold in Sri Lanka to pursue her aims while SAIC wants to destabilize Sri Lanka so that the whole of South East Asia could be subjugated including the separation of Tamil Nadu that would facilitate the break up of India and India would then no longer be an economic threat to the SAIC.

Mr. Akashi, you say you want assistance from us to the re-settlement of internally displaced persons but you have not stated in public what exactly you mean by assistance presumably because you have something hidden. Who is stopping you Mr. Akashi that you have been compelled to ask us for assistance to help those innocent Tamil civilians? All you have to do is to put your proposal and get it approved by the government and then you could employ your own contractors to do the job and place a plaque to say that it has been a gift from you to the victims of the LTTE that SAIC has nurtured and supplied equipment to enslave them. That is the least you could do for them. Our government should ask you to spell out in mathematically precise language what you define as assistance to help. If the government on examination of the definition says it is not agreeable then the matter drops and we will help the innocent Tamils in whatever way we can.

With regard to the second item of assistance to provide swift progress of a political process for national reconciliation we tell you that the Tamils as a whole in the North and in the East are in full solidarity with the government and so where is this reconciliation? It is the Tamils who have suffered at the hands of the LTTE that matter and not the Tamils who have lived among the Sinhalese and prospered because of the patronage of their business by the Sinhalese and the vast numbers of LTTE Diaspora in the nations of the SAIC. So this question does not arise and besides it is none of your business. If your mission is to make us devolve power which is the sufficient condition for separation you can forget it and save our time as well. Everything that has been imposed on us by India by force, namely the Indo Lanka Accord will be declared null and void and thrown out with absolute contempt.

- Asian Tribune -

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