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The Culture Of Peace Introduced By Arahat Maha Mahinda Maha Thera

By Ven. Horowpothane Sathindriya Thera, Samadhi Buddhist Vihara, Campbellfield, Victoria, Australia.

This is the 2315 anniversary of the Arrival of Arahant Maha Mahinda Maha Thera and the message of the Great Son of Sakya clan, the Buddha.

By respecting and following the Buddha’s words, Emperor Asoka who governed Maha Bharata - the ancient India, profoundly launched a Dhamma mission programme throughout many countries.

After accomplishment of his considerable numbers of enlightened disciples, the Blessed One,the Buddha advised and guided thus:

"Go forth, O Bhikkhus, for the good of the many, for the happiness of the many, out of compassion for the world, for the good, benefit and happiness of devine beings and human beings. Let not two go by one way: Preach, O Bhikkhus, the Dhamma, excellent in the beginning, excellent in the middle, excellent in the end, both in the spirit and in the letter. Proclaim the Holy life, altogether perfect and pure."

The son of Emperor Asoka – the great disciple of the Fully Enlightened One, Arahant Maha Mahinda Maha Thera was requested by his preceptor Venerable Moggaliputta Tissa Maha Thera ,to visit Sri Lanka to introduce the incomparable message of the Gotama Buddha.

On Poson Poya day or Full Moon Day of June, especially Sri Lankan Buddhists commemorate the day which received the message of the Gotama Buddha and arrival of Venerable Arahant Maha Mahinda Maha Thera.

2315 years ago, during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa, there was a national festival, both people and the king took part at Mihintale where very near to Anuradhapura.

In the present, all ruins around Mihintale and Anuradhapura witness and testify, how that era and people were prosperous and united. It was called and named the ‘State of Resovoirs and Island of the Dhamma’

King Devanampiyatissa was a Head of State and he was very pious and devouted Buddhist ruler and the leader who governed our country.
Not by words but very practically he supported to establish and safeguarded the Buddha-Sasana in Sri Lanka.

Above mentioned facts were very visible and discernible in the past in our history, but in the present, most of them have dramatically become topsy-turvy. Because most people embraced so called ‘Glogalisation’ – fast growing American Culture, have mostly changed their way of life. They continuously say and recite that they have no time. Unfortunately they have no time for themselves.

Psychologically most of them are entangled. Physically they are exhausted. They run fast as fast as their mind wander. Most of them live with anger and jealousy. Sometimes physically they try to relax by watching television, lying down and indulging in various immoral activities, but they have no idea to observe their thoughts to understand themselves properly. They have no time and they have no thought or brainwave to be mindful and reflect on their own thought process.

In Buddha Dhamma, crystal-clear explanation and analysis of kamma has given a vivid and insight to understand about disadvantage of unwholesome kamma and advantage of wholesome kamma. Some people do think they receive the result of both kamma after death. In reality, one can experience it as soon as the thought conceives in the mind.

When anger, jealousy or craving conceives in the mind one can feel and experience unsatisfactoriness, suffering, misery, and pain, discomfort etc. etc. When kindness, compassion, generous thought, or pure thought conceives in the mind one can feel, perceive and experience tranquility, calmness, peace, serenity and inner silence.

I n the Dhamma it says immediately effective and to be experienced by wise for themselves.

Whether one believes it or not, the Law of Kamma will pave the way to own destination.

No one is able and capable to show how it happens, except enlightened beings. Many queries and questions from many members in our human family but it is very difficult to physically and materially show and prove how kamma works.

The Teaching of the Buddha completely based on mind. In his first and foremost discourse he clearly and explicitly explain about suffering, cause of suffering, cessation of suffering and the way to cessation of suffering. No one can understand this till one tread on this path. In words anyone can endlessly argue with various information and numerous facts but in reality till one eradicate one’s own defilements is not free from suffering.

We, as members of human family in the globe, experience the culture of violence.

Lack of inner qualities and dearth of spiritual development have designed this atmosphere in our society today. Pursuit of commercial culture and materialism has paved the way to extermination of selflessness and other human values. Many people try to quench and satiate their insatiable desire and unquenchable craving till their last breath.

As a genuine disciple of the Gotama Buddha one should diligently follow the path to free from suffering. The person, who does practice and develop right mindfulness which the Blessed One taught and described, will honestly experience the taste of freedom.

The Buddha and His all enlightened disciples advised and guided people to make them aware of the challenge and the danger in this journey of Samsara. Out of compassion, they asked us to dissuade from unwholesome and encouraged us to persuade to do and practice wholesome to get rid of this dreadful Samsaric journey.

Human life is very valuable. No words, terms and phrases to descriptively elaborate the worth of human life. Only the human being can develop the mind. Only the human being can let go and abandon defilements. Only the wise human being can watch and read his or her own mind.

One should be a genuine human being, not in form but with innermost qualities.

This is the great message that we received 2315 years ago and compassionately Venerable Maha Mahinda Maha Thera delivered us.

The Most Venerable Mahinda Maha Thera established the Buddha Sasana in Sri Lanka with paramount help of King Devanampiyatissa.

Venerable Maha Thera introduced the culture of inner peace and remarkably revealed the true danger of culture of violence.

The Most Venerable Mahinda Maha Thera’s arrival is memorable and historic. His commendable service is significant and remarkable.

"Watchful of speech, well controlled in mind, one should not commit evil with the body. Let one purify these three courses of action, and win the path made known by the Great sage – the Blessed One" - The Gotama Buddha .

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