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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 103

Private sector partner with the government to remove plastic wastes from the IDP camps

Sunil C. Perera in Colombo

Colombo, 11 June, 11 June, ( A local plastic recycling company –Kalhari Enterprises Heiyanthuduwa which accepted government offer to remove plastic waste from the IDP camps in Manikfarm, Vauniya says the plastic collection project was launched last week to provide better environment for the IDPs.

The Solid Waste Management Unit of the Western provincial council made this offer which was accepted by the Kalhari Company CEo without hesitation to help the Government in their efforts to bring in better Living environment for the IDPs.

“We have accepted the offer and our vehicles are in IDP zones, said CEO of the company Indra Kaushal Rajapaksha who also have vital experience on the resettlement process during the tsunami.

The company now collects PET bottles and pay for IDPs who wish to collect it.

"We launched this project under the company’s CSR programme and there are no economical gains for the company," he said.

Speaking to media he said, his company wants to help Mahindha Chinthanaya and also the IDPs who want to improve their livelihood .

The company recycles all plastic wastes and imports to various countries .At present the company plans to set up a recycling plant at Kappalthurai Industrial Park, Trincomalee to recycle the plastic wastes. Negotiations are still going on with the Ministry of Industrial Development to obtain necessary land.

Responding to media he said plastic waste collection project is also covers the eastern province and the company has appointed collection agents in the province.

Speaking about shortcomings of their present business he said that the company needs financial assistance from the government to expand the network to all over the Northern province.

The company also decided to collect cotton wastes and leather wastes for recycling.

"We have buyers from Malaysia, India, China, USA, Japan and few European countries," he said.

Kalharai enterprises now exports bulk loads of recycled plastic, rubber and cotton wastes to these countries, but plans to open a factory to produce plastic and rubber products using plastic and rubber wastes.

Our new factory located at Mahara Vawehenwatta Industrial [Ministry of industries] near Kadawatha which is a BOI project with the collaboration of Italian partners for the recycling of Waste tires would start commercial production from the month of July, 2009.

- Asian Tribune -

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