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Public Health Officials demand barcode emblem on Ice Cream products

Sunil C. Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Colombo, 09 September, ( Local Small and Medium Scale Ice Cream manufacturers allege that some health officials make court cases against their members asking barcode on Ice cream products.

“We are not aware of this law,” said an ice Cream Manufacturer, who lamented over the last Samatha Piyasa –Exporters Forum conducted by the Ministry of Enterprise Development and the Investment Promotion, held at the EDB auditorium.

According to the Ice Cream manufactures, the health officials can make charges against them according to the Food Act and other Health related laws.

Barcode is another case. Lack of barcode does not violate health related laws, the ice cream manufacturer said.

“This is one way of illegal harassment by the Public Health officials in the down south,” he said.

He said a Public Health Official of the Morawaka area has filed a case against an ice cream manufacturer who does not print an emblem of barcode on his products.

The high officials of the Samatha Piyasa instructed the Ice Cream manufacturers to solve this matter without any delay.

However the ice cream manufacturer said the small and medium scale ice cream manufacturers face a number of burning issues .Earlier the Ministry of Enterprise Development has appointed a committee headed by the Senior advisor of the Ministry Mr.Lal Kumara Gamage, Dr.Bandula Perera, Briyan Agunawala and a representative of Ministry of Industrial Development and a representative from the Ice Cream industry.

The Samatha Piyasa officials said this committee would study the problems of Small and Medium Scale Ice Cream Manufacturers and make recommendations to resolve these issues.

Meanwhile Mr.Lal Kumara Gamage , Chairman of the above committee also made some recommendations to the Export and Enterprise Development Forum and said it was very clear that certain steps taken by two leading ice cream manufacturers, is causing the small and medium scale ice cream manufacturers to go out of business.

In this view, the committee strongly recommends that no ice cream company should be permitted to enforce a rule that a shopkeeper could only stock ice cream manufactured by them in deep freezers provided by them.

This means if there are ten ice cream manufacturing companies, shop keepers will have to have 10 different deep freezers in their premises. The committee was of the opinion that this practice should immediately stop not only for ice cream but also for other products.

It was pointed out that a certain BOI company involved in the manufacture of ice cream has imported 500 deep freezers on duty free basis, recently and some of these freezers are now available for sale at a leading kitchen appliances selling agent. The Investor Services Department of the BOI is now looking into this allegation and the committee will report its findings no sooner this job is completed.

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