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LTTE will defeat Sri Lankan Army when it launches its full-scale war - Tamilselvam

Singapore, 24 September, ( In an exclusive interview with Tamil Murasu, a Tamil daily under the control of the Singapore Government, S. P. Tamilselvan, Head of the Political Division of the Tiger outfit, said that when the LTTE launches its full scale war the Sri Lankan Army will be defeated squarely. S.P. Tamilselvan: "The government forces have intruded into Sampur and other areas and we are not taking them seriously." S.P. Tamilselvan: "The government forces have intruded into Sampur and other areas and we are not taking them seriously."

Admitting that the LTTE had suffered defeats in he recent battles with the Sri Lankan Army he said that they will recapture all those places including Sampur that fell into the hands of the Sri Lankan Army.

In his interview with the Tamil broadsheet Tamilselvan said that though it appears at present that the Sri Lankan army has the upper hand in the ongoing conflict, in reality that is not the true position. "In the future we will take measures to recapture all those areas fallen in the hands of the Army," he said.

Commenting on the Mavilaru issue which was main cause for the conflict between the LTTE and the Government forces to flare up, he said that the Anicut is located in the no-man’s land and it is not an area under anyone’s control.

Tamilselvan said that the Anicut was opened with the intention of ensuring water for the needy. He added that even after opening up the sluice gates the government had blown this petty local problem completely out of proportion.

When asked about Sri Lankan Army advancing into the LTTE-controlled areas he said that was an incorrect report. He said that the Army had advanced only up to 400 to 500 meters from their Forward Defence Line prescribed in the Ceasefire Agreement.

Tamilselvan said that the Tigers long to reach a peaceful solution to issues confronting the Tamil people but the Sri Lankan Government was attempting to thwart all their moves.

He said that it is absurd to speak about peace talks while there was a major hostility campaign going on in Sri Lanka. Liberation Tigers are not in a position to consider entering into talks before finding an end to the hostilities unleashed by the government which includes the killing spree and the internal displacement of people. He stressed that talks would be possible if the Sri Lanka government relinquished its military campaign and come forward for negotiations openly.

Sri Lanka Government forces under the cover of the Ceasefire Agreement enter into no-man’s land and claim that they have intruded into the LTTE areas. Tamilselvan said that according to CFA the Sri Lanka government should not intrude into such areas.

"The government forces have intruded into Sampur and other areas and we are not taking them seriously," he added.

He said when the war is openly declared in the future, the LTTE would make use of its full powers to recapture these places. He declared that their outfit is capable of inflicting severe reprisals on the Sri Lankan Army.

Tamilselvan alleged it was one of the usual tactics of the Sri Lankan army to take cover under the CFA to strengthen their position and to intrude into areas under their control. The Sri Lankan armed forces had followed the same pattern in the current battles too.

He warned when the LTTE launch a full scale war Sri Lankan Army would be defeated squarely.

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