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Vanni TNA MP pours scorn over Prabhakaran Chelvanayagam

[caption id="attachment_690" align="alignright" width="460" caption="Two Failed Tamil Leaders - Late Prabhakaran and Late S.J.V. Chelvanayakam"]Two Failed Tamil Leaders - Late  Prabhakaran and  Late S.J.V. Chelvanayakam[/caption]

Colombo, 18 June, (

Vanni TNA Member of Parliament is the surprise addition to the growing tribe of leaders who are pouring scorn over Prabhakaran and Chelvanayagam The surge of surrender of erstwhile LTTE cadres is continuing. On Wednesday alone, 9,700 LTTE cadres surrendered to the Sri Lanka Army; they were moved to temporary camps set up at Rambaikkulam Girls School, Kovil Kadavai Hindu College, Technical College, Co-operative building (at Poonthoddam) and University building at Pambai Madu.

In an exclusive interview with the Asian Tribune, the MP Sivanathan Kishore dismissed the allegation that he had become a government lackey. ‘I have not joined the government. No I am not angling for any position in the government’, he candidly stated adding that his criticism of the LTTE chief was based on his first hand experience of the troubles and tribulations the Tamil people were subjected to keep one megalomaniac alive for long years. He declared that he would remain a member of the Tamil National Alliance until the next parliamentary election. He will support the government though.

‘Prabharan is a failed leader’, Kishore said by way of his assessment of the ‘fallen’ Tamil Hero. He held that the LTTE supremo who died of SL Army bullets rather than of the traditional cyanide pill, responsible for the death and destruction's of the Tamils.

‘More than 20,000 Tamil youths died for him, to keep him (Prabhakaran) alive. He killed more than 25,000 innocent Tamil civilians. He chased away more than 100, 000 Tamil speaking Muslims from the North and they are languishing in temporary huts and camps in Puttalam for the last 18 years. He chased away the more than 10,000 Tamils of the Indian origin from Vanni and they are still in the Vavuniya camps’, Kishore said blaming the LTTE chief for the death of more than 10,000 innocent Tamils between January and May this year alone.

Vanni TNA Member of Parliament has no kind word for S.J.V. Chelvanayakam either.

‘Chelvanayagam may have struggled for the rights and aspirations of the Tamils through a democratic process for nearly 30 years but he was a failure’, said Kishore in reply to a question.

‘Chelvanayagam united Tamils politically but he had failed to deliver on his promise of securing for the Tamils their rights’.

About Prabhakaran, Kishore said, ‘He had held the Tamils together through threats, intimidation and chanting the mantra of Tamil Nationalism. His armed struggle has left nearly 300,000 Tamils on the road without a roof. The Tamil homeland became a myth in the end’.

Asked why he is supporting the Rajapaksa government, the TNA leader attributed his change of heart to the plight of Vanni people. ‘These Vanni people who had voted for me in the last general election are living in camps at the transitional villages. It is our topmost priority to resettle them. That is why I support the Government’s efforts to resettle them’.

Kishore recalled that in the last parliament session 14 TNA MPs did not attend Parliament. ‘They are all away from the country at present’. He and seven other TNA MPs attended the parliament session.

‘When the House took up for voting the resolution on extension of the Emergency, seven TNA MPs voted against the motion. But I abstained from voting. Because we have to resettle the 300,000 Tamils now quartered in the camps. To do this it is our duty to support the Government,’ the Vanni lawmaker said .

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