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Global pop superstar Michael Jackson dies at 50

[caption id="attachment_1280" align="alignright" width="457" caption="Investigators move Jackson body found buried at Neverland Ranch"]Investigators move Jackson body found buried at Neverland Ranch[/caption]

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

Washington, D.C. 27 June ( In her book “On Michael Jackson”, Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Margo Jefferson notes that Jackson read the autobiography of P.T. Barnum, huckster and ringmaster non-pareil, “fervently”, distributing copies to his staff, telling them “I want my career to be the greatest show on earth.”

He could have had he lived to be in London in July this year. Michael Jackson was scheduled to perform up to 50 concerts at London’s O2 Arena, which were widely regarded as his return to the world stage of pop music which he dominated for the many part of the last three decades and toward financial stability. The 50 concerts in London beginning next month was to continue into 2010 with the potential to earn him up to $50 million, some reports say.

Michael Jackson who traveled the path from musical boy wonder to global pop superstar to humiliation that surrounded with the damaging law suites was pronounced dead Thursday afternoon at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center just short of couple months for his 51st birthday leaving a 39-year celebrity status he dearly loved.

Mr. Jackson was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center when he reportedly got a cardiac arrest and went in to a coma. The resuscitation failed as he passed away minutes after the arrest.

[caption id="attachment_1281" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Michael Jackson with his brothers (left to right) Marlon, Jackie, Randy and Tito - the Jackson Five"]Michael Jackson with his brothers (left to right) Marlon, Jackie, Randy and Tito - the Jackson Five[/caption]

There was widespread shock throughout the United States when the news broke out about his demise. Thousands flocked to the vicinity of the Medical Center to get the latest news of his status and to have a glimpse of his mortal remains.

He commenced his solo pop career in the 1980s well on to the 1990s selling more than 750 million albums some of which were, and even now, greatest ones such as ‘I Want You Back’, ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’, ‘Black and White’, ‘Billie Jean and ‘I’ll Be There’.

Since Elvis Presley and The Beatles, Jackson brought the ‘World of Pop Music’ to new heights making this special kind of music brought to the forth by Presley to a global product that propelled him be a pop cultural idol and celebrity.

Then he made further strides in the pop music culture; the moonwalk dance moves became a solid part of the performance to the pop music.

But Michael Jackson’s career was seen on the decline since 2003 when he was indicted on child molesting charges in which he was absolved by the grand jury but left lot of scars in his character. He never recovered from the child molestation trial until his death but was on the path for recovery through his London concerts.

Mr. Jackson’s five brothers have all had performing careers, and his sisters, two of them Janet and La Toya who are well known, have been acclaimed singers for the past two decades. They all survived, as do their parents who are living in Las Vegas.

Michael Joseph Jackson was born in the State of Indiana on August 29, 1958. The second youngest of the six brothers, he began performing professionally with four of them at the age of 5 who became an instant phenomenon.

He recorded many albums with his brothers some of which like “I Want You Back” and “ABC” reached No. 1 on pop charts in 1970.

In 1971 Jackson began recording under his own name. His recording of “Ben” became a No. 1 hit in 1972.

But his first solo album was “Off The Wall” released in 1979 yielded four number one singles and sold seven million copies. The 1982 album “Thriller” became the all time best seller and propelled him to the higher level of global pop stardom. Since that time in to the 90s he single –handedly dominated the global pop scene until his set backs in the early years of this millennium. His bizarre private life began to overshadow his music. He failed to capture that audience which adored him in the 80s through 90s, and was about to emerge in London next month when he faced death last Thursday.

Nevertheless, he will remain for a very long time in the imagination of millions worldwide as was Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

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