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Prabhakaran's daughter also killed - says KP

From S Murari, Chennai

[caption id="attachment_1311" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Prabkaran's daughter Duvaraka has died along with him and his eldest son Charles Anthony"]Prabkaran's daughter Duvaraka has died along with him and his eldest son Charles Anthony[/caption]

Chennai 28 June, (

Tamil Tiger leader Prabkaran's daughter Duvaraka has died along with him and his eldest son Charles Anthony in the final battle with the Sri Lankan forces, but the fate of his wife Mathivathani and second son Balachandran is not known, LTTE's international relations chief Selvaraja Pathmanathan, also known as KP, has said.

In an interview to Headlines Today, the English news channel of the India Today group, Mr Pathmanathan has also said LTTE's intelligence chief Pottu Amman has also died in action along with other top leaders though the Sri Lankan Government could not find his body.

He said: "My final contact was with Col Soosai ( head of the Sea Tigers) who was leading the defensive resistance of the LTTE against the Sri Lankan armed forces during the final hours. He described to me in detail what was happening on the ground then. The final moments were full of horrific and brutal attacks by the Sri Lankan armed forces. Thousands of our people were killed and injured. There were no medical personnel or facilities to take care of the injured. People were dying due to lack of medical attention. Col Soosai confirmed to me that our leader was engaging the Sri Lankan armed forces and sacrificed his life for our cause of Tamil Eelam nation".

Mr Pathmanathan said that till the last moment, he contacted various world leaders to bring about a ceasefire. But his efforts failed because the international community insisted on the LTTE laying down arms before they could take any meaningful steps to stop the war. "Our leadership held the view that any process of laying down arms should be linked to an acceptable political solution. Instead of laying down arms, we were seeking a ceasefire and a political negotiation for a political solution. Unfortunately, our position was not acceptable to the international community".

However, the international community came forward to bring about a cessation of hostilities after the LTTE leadership decied to silence its guns.

"In the final moments, after seeing the intensity and brutality of the offensive by the Sri Lankan armed forces and the non-existence of any kind of medical facilities, our leadership decided to silence our guns for the purpose of saving the lives of the civilians and the remaining cadres.The message about silencing the guns was conveyed to me in the evening of May 15. It was a Friday."

Over the weekend, the LTTE got a positive response from the international community which tried to persuade Sri Lanka to halt the offensive. However, the Sri Lankan forces went ahead with the final push, he said.

Asked whether the LTTE had permanently shunned the path of violence or whether elements in it were still keeping that option of another armed struggle open, Mr Pathmanathan said:" The decision of silencing our guns was taken by our leader before his death. We are now moving forward towards a new path. The LTTE will continue to fight for the political aspirations of the Tamil people based on the principles of Tamil nationhood, homeland and right to self-determination. As we have decided to choose a new path, we are now transforming our organization for the purpose of continuing our fight through political means. As one of our tasks, we need to work with the international community to remove the ban on our organization with support of the Tamil diaspora and fellow Tamils in Tamil Nadu and in other parts of the World. We hope that the international community, especially India and the West, would welcome our new path and reward it by removing the ban on our organization to open the door for political engagement".

He, however, ruled out taking part in any elections in Sri Lanka."Fighting the cause through political means does not necessarily mean participating in the elections", he said, adding that the LTTE would not take part in any election until a political settlement was reached on the basis of the principles it had enunciated.

Contesting President Rajapakse's contention that Sri Lanka is one country, one people and there cannot be any division on the lines of majority and minority communities, Mr Pathmanathan said Sri Lanka "has miserably failed in nation-building" and the Tamils "do not identify themselves as Sri Lankans but as Eelam Tamils". They considered Sri Lankan rule as "an alien rule".

In this scenario, the only option left for true reconciliation was recognizing the Tamils' right to their traditional homeland in the Northeast and to determine their own political future. "Now President Rajapakse has very strong popular support among the Sinhala people. If he decides to recognize the political aspirations of Tamil people, chances for strong resistance from the Sinhala people are minimal. If he considers himself a true leader who treats all communities as equals, then he must prove himself by accepting the political aspirations of Tamil people".

Answering another question, he said "we do not hate India" though it contributed to the military victory of the Sri Lankan forces. The Sri Lankan Tamils were India's true friends "in its geo-political struggle with other countries, especially with China", he said. "We firmly believe India would realise this one day and support Eelam Tamils' struggle for self-determination", he said.

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