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Ayurveda remedy for kidney failure

By R.K. Bhatnagar - Syndicate Features

With the changing life-style, there is a spurt in chronic disorders like renal failure and kidney stones. According to doctors chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes are devastating because of the damage they cause to kidney and other organs. Life long diligence is important in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar with in limits.

Nature has given the human body two kidneys to wash away waste products. Until such time one-sixth of both the kidneys keep functioning everything is ok. Kidneys have other functions in the body; very few people know that formation of blood takes place under the effect of a substance called "erythropoietin" which is secreted from no organ other than the kidney. The very important regulation fluids and salts of the body are also by the kidney. Not only this, the health of our bones depends on the regulation of calcium done by the kidney. So, it is obvious, when the kidneys fail, man-made machines can do very little as a substitute to nature. Thus we have to give calcium as also vitamin D and other substances from outside. When patients stop forming blood, we at times, have to give blood transfusions.

Signs and Symptoms

Chronic renal failure (CRF) usually produces symptoms when renal function - which is measured as the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) - falls below 30 milliliters per minute (<30 ml/min). This is approximately 30% of the normal value. When the glomerular filtration rate (GFR slows· to below 30 ml/min, signs of uraemia (high blood level of protein by-products, such as urea & creatinine) may become noticeable. When the GFR falls below 15 ml/min most people become increasingly show CRF symptoms. Uraemic symptoms can affect every organ system in the body.

In chronic renal failure nutrition should have a balance of fluids and electrolyte and adjusting the diet to prevent accumulation of toxic waste product to the minimum possible level. Chronic renal failure cases need food high in calories and low in protein; Avoid canned, baked, processed and preserved foods; Salted cheese, butter and nuts should be avoided; to reduce potassium content, vegetables should be cooked with more water and excess water should be drained off. Avoid fruits, fruit juices, and coconut water; if potassium is restricted avoid tea, coffee, bajra, maize, raji, wheat flour, pulses and legumes, chocolates, vegetables, fruits, sauces, jam and jellies.

The normal treatment for kidney failure is "Dialysis”. It is "an adjunct" to protect the failing kidney. In other words, it is the process to remove the waste material from the human body through a machine when the kidney function gets compromised. However a patient on dialysis needs about 200 litres of water which may come in direct contact with his blood. Therefore, this water has to be of more sound quality as per desired standards.

The hospitals in India provide only stored tank water. It is always not suitable to needs. Both Jaya Prakashnarain and V.P. Singh lived for long years on dialysis given by Indian and foreign hospitals in Mumbai, London and in Germany.

A team of young and energetic Ayurvedic post graduate doctor - Dr. Ramniwas Parashar and his wife Dr. Bhavana provide personalized herbal formulations developed from varuna, punarnava, arjuna, magharmotha, bumiamalaki, sariva, ashvagandha Panchatrina moola and others for C.R.F. Treatment. Heral compounds reverse the disease process and improve the renal function slowly. They also gradually reduce the levels of S. creatinine and B. urea. These herbal products in capsules form could be taken along with other types of medicines and treatment procedures including dialysis, according to Dr. Parashar.

He said that at Vedarta Ayurveda Centre near Qutab Minar in Delhi (Tele No. 9811635915), he has treated nearly 1500 cases of chronic renal failure. Nearly 45% cases on dialysis were fully cured in nine months and the rest needed no dialysis at all.

Dr. Ramniwas Parashar is also conducting Short Term Training Programs and Workshops on Ayurvedic way of Health Care & Panchakarma for Indians as well as foreigners. About 34000 patients suffering with various Chronic disorders like Arthritis, Auto-immune disorders, Osteoporosis, slip-disc, menstrual disorders, migraine, menopausal syndrome and thyroid disorders have visited him. He claims a satisfaction rate of more than 90%.

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