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Robert Bake’s Master Plan For Sri-Lanka

A commentary by L. Jayasooriya

We in Sri-Lanka are grateful to Asian Tribune for having warned us about the American Master Plan against us under the command of Robert O Blake published on 2nd of August 2009 titled “Delhi-Colombo US Embassies: Robert Blake to decide”.

This man Robert Blake spent his entire energy, effort and time to undermine Sri-Lanka by planning, plotting and scheming with the traitors in our land to destabilize our country.

He even went to Chennai on a hate campaign against us when he knew that America and her allies had no power to save the LTTE hierarchy against the most elite advancing army of tiny Sri-Lanka. For nearly 25 years we did not know that American policy has been and is to harbour and protect terrorists around the world to be used against those countries that try to resist the America policy of not permitting any developing or under-developed country to raise its head so that it could be free from the clutches of America.

Having failed to rescue the LTTE, America has for the first time realized what it is to be militarily defeated at the hands of a tiny country like Sri Lanka. Battles are not won on hardware alone. America will never understand that as long as they firmly believe that America is the greatest nation on earth which has been said over and over again so many times that they have now actually come to believe in it. Let American children grow up in that belief and see what that will mean to America in the future.

As a result of this defeat many reprisals were attempted against us at Geneva but they all failed. Now they are planning to use the hard core LTTE cadres in the IDP camps to recruit them and train them on a special plan to de-stabilize our country. Our Defence Chief of Staff knew of the danger posed by the LTTE Diaspora funding to re-group the hard core LTTE with the aid of America and her allies and announced that he would double the strength of the armed forces within three years. He is now building strategic military bases throughout the country to be prepared for any eventuality as he has said.

The first signs of this re-grouping came when Akashi announced that the Japanese government has decided to open training facilities to teach and train youth how to live in peace and that it is most likely that Sri Lanka will also benefit. The plan he said already has two slots for Sri Lanka and he thinks that Sri Lanka will be accommodated. Soon after that America said that she has an exchange program for the same purpose. With these two programs the hard core LTTE cadres which may be several hundreds could be moulded to fit into a grand plan to de-stabilize either Sri Lanka or Tamil Nadu the type of which has never been attempted before by the CIA or MI5 or RAW. Now they say that we are violating human rights by keeping the IDPs far too long in the camps and they want to assist us in screening them. They lost on that as well.

Robert Blake has said that he will do his utmost to influence American policy makers to drive sense into India to force Sri Lanka to adopt the 13th amendment. No self-respecting sovereign nation would tolerate such insults from anybody especially from a character like Robert Blake who made a special trip to Chennai on a hate program against the Sinhalese just before the total collapse of the LTTE hierarchy. India should also remember the fast one Hillary Clinton tried to put a brake on her technical and industrial advancement by getting India to agree on a binding commitment to reduce pollution emissions. That is really insulting. Has India not heard of the “Love Canal” tragedy where houses were built on landfill on top of carcinogenic waste which started belching up and children were playing on it with disastrous consequences? Have people not forgotten about houses that were built on radioactive earth fill and how innocent people developed leukaemia? Take a drive along the Niagara River from Buffalo on Lake Eerie to Niagara on the Lake in Ontario a distance of about 7 kilometres. On the Canadian side it is all parkland with isolated beautiful houses and on the American side it is grim industry belching out pollution. America has the technology, knowhow and the resources to install electrostatic precipitators to remove the dust and pass the effluent gases through towers to remove the acid content but they will not do it. The only apparent benefit that India has with the American agreement is to get large quantities of weapons grade uranium but that will not alter the balance of power with Pakistan and I do not have to explain why but in the deal India lost a significant amount of her sovereignty.

If India were to decide to take orders from this arrogant misfit in the hope that she would one day in the future be able to annex Sri Lanka it would be wise on the part of our government to seek Chinese and Pakistani assistance to expedite the building of those strategic military bases and to equip them with runways of such design and length that can handle the heaviest military aircraft.

Robert Blake is the discovery of Hilary Clinton who promoted him to the position of Under Secretary. Together the two can generate enough hate against America so that America could benefit from it. To most people who followed the Presidential elections in the US, Hillary Clinton was certainly not Obama’s choice for Secretary of State. In his calculation it appears that Obama felt that if he did not give that job to Hillary Clinton she would contest him for the next term of office and create problems for him. Now it appears that she is going to contest against him and in the meantime she and Robert Blake would create sufficient hate against America and so many problems that it will really hurt him at the next election.

Hillary Clinton, looking down on Asians as something inferior felt the behaviour of North Korea and Iran was a daring attempt to ‘parley on equal terms’ with America. She could hardly wait to put both North Korea and Iran in their proper places and she went there to do just that but instead they put her in her proper place and closed the door on her.

Little Sri Lanka militarily defeated all plans by America and her allies to save the LTTE hierarchy so that they could use the LTTE first to de-stabilize Sri-Lanka and divide the country and then lever Tamil Nadu out of the Indian federation to remove for ever India being a threat to the living standards of the West. India also wanted the LTTE hierarchy but for a different purpose, namely to annex Sri Lanka at some date in the future.

Smarting with defeat at the hands of tiny Sri Lanka, Hillary Clinton then attempted to block the IMF loan to Sri Lanka. She failed in that. The entire strength of America and her allies was mobilized at Geneva to get UN troops sent to Sri Lanka. They failed in that as well. Now she has decided to send in Butenis who trampled on the sovereignty of Bangladesh with her feet, as ambassador to Sri Lanka and has recruited a retired diplomat who knows Sri Lanka to be stationed either in Sri Lanka or in India to finish us off.

If Butenis ever comes here and starts insulting us by interfering in our affairs she will get enough on websites and e-mails. Also our President who has been relentlessly attacked by America and her allies is in such a mood that the very first time Butennis starts to give us advice and orders she will be summoned to the Foreign Office and given a warning which she will ignore forcing our President to expel her inviting retaliation by the US which may even end with severing of diplomatic relations. If that is what President Obama would like to see then that is what he will see but if he knows what wisdom is which is found only in the East and never in the West and he likes wisdom to prevail then the wisest course of action would be to drop both Butennins and Blake out and send somebody like Kenneth Galbraith instead.

Just one last word, why is it that American ambassadors are being kicked out everywhere in the developing and underdeveloped world? Mugabe and Hugo Chavez both kicked out the American ambassadors. The trend will intensify unless America stops interfering with developing countries with the intention of keeping them under their shackles.

- Asian Tribune -

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