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Pakistan asks India to share information on fresh terror threat

By Farzana Shah-Asian Tribune Correspondent in Pakistan

Islamabad, 19 August, ( Pakistan on Monday asked India to share information about its claims of fresh terror attacks against India being planned in Pakistan.

A day before Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh addressing a conference of the chief ministers on internal security, claimed that India has credible information that militants from Pakistan are planning fresh attacks against India.

The Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that Pakistan has taken the recent statement of Indian prime minister “very seriously” and asked the neighboring country to share the information it is supposed to have regarding any plans of attack on India by alleged Pakistani terrorist groups.

Talking to media after addressing a function at the Foreign Services Academy, Qureshi said we want an exchange of that credible information that India supposed to posses on which this allegation is based as the two countries had decided in Sharm El Shiek to cooperate in information sharing with each other for curbing the menace of terrorism.

“We can’t take any such statement lightly. Pakistan wants peaceful and friendly relationship with all its neighbors and that’s why it wants that the misunderstandings should be cleared. So, let’s see what they respond to us,” the FM told the media persons.

On the other hand, Pakistani Foreign Office spokesman Abdul Basit said ‘Acting Indian Deputy High Commissioner Mr P. Kumaran was called to the Foreign Office by the Director-General of South Asia Afrasiab Hashmi and told that Mr Singh’s remarks warranted serious and prompt attention.’

Mr Kumaran was told that Pakistan needed information before it could act against groups planning the attacks.

‘In all sincerity, we would request India to share information that they have and for our part we stand ready to cooperate fully in pre-empting any act of terror,’ Mr Hashmi was quoted as saying. Combating terror, he said, required serious, sustained and pragmatic cooperation.

Hashmi reminded Mr Kumaran that both countries had agreed in Sharm El Sheikh to share information on terror threats.

The joint statement issued at the end of the Gilani-Singh meeting in Egypt had said: ‘The two countries will share real time, credible and actionable information on any future terrorist threats.’

While on Indian side in a dramatic U-turn contrary to Indian prime minister’s claim about the fresh attack, the Indian Home Minister said there was no imminent threat to India. He tried to tone down the allegations against Pakistan by saying are terrorists groups plotting attacks against India but there is no specific threat of an imminent attack.

"...but that does not mean that, as I speak to you, there is a specific threat of an imminent attack anywhere.”

Whereas Indian Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh did not accuse Pakistan.

The Indian Premier Manmohan Singh did not say that any attack may be launched on its soil from Pakistan, Tharoor remarked adding Singh only mentioned about the planning afoot in Indian territory.

- Asian Tribune -

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