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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 77

Mystery surrounds the death of Sencholai victim Dayalini; judge asks why she was transferred back to Vavuniya from Kandy

By Walter Jayawardhana

Colombo, 01 October, ( surrounds the death of one of three survivors from LTTE’s Sencholai Military camp who was transferred to Vavuniya hospital and sent for further treatment to Kandy Hospital but re-transferred to Vavuniya hospital before she recovered from her injuries.

Vavuniya District Judge M. Ilancheliyan ordered the Police to investigate why she was transferred back to Vavuniya before her recovery.

Thambimuttu Dayalini (20) died at theVavuniya Hospital while she was taking treatment for the injuries sustained in the Sri Lanka Air Force bombing at the LTTE run Sencholai military training school for young school girls.

She and two of her colleagues made headlines recently when she contradicted the UNICEF, Tamil Nadu State Assembly, some Tamil newspapers, Norway managed Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission and LTTE propaganda websites and revealed that Sencholai was not a regular school but a LTTE institution where school girls of GCE O level and Advanced level classes were coerced into go and received military training of weapons to go to war with the Sri Lanka Security forces. They said they would not be allowed to sit for public examinations if they did not take the military training.

The three girls were taking treatment at the Kandy General Hospital under heavy security.

But Dayalini was somehow re-transferred to Vavuniya Hospital before she was fully recovered, some have alleged.

These innocent victims of the LTTE military training were given special treatment on the orders of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and transferred to Kandy Hospital, Vavuniya sources said.

The Bombing occurred on August 14, and many trainees died of the Kfir bombing and the LTTE went to town with contradictory stories, first declaring Sencholai as an orphanage, then as a regular school where the girls received first aid training in the event of a war, and a regular school itself.

This correspondent was one of the first to question the editor of Tamil Net , the LTTE controlled website, why some of the photos of dead bodies published by the website , were seen clad in dark military uniforms if this was a regular school.

Later the three girls including Dayalani told reporters that they were regular school girls and coerced into military training of weapons as resident students of the LTTE run Sencholai Institution that trained them as soldiers.

Sixty five people were reportedly killed when the military school that was established in commemoration of a LTTE female suicide bomber was bombed by the Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir jets.

According to one of websites attached to the terrorist outfit, LTTE, Sencholai was declared open by LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran, only few months ago.

The evidence of Dayalini and others showed the mostly teenaged girls were brought to Sencholai with the collaboration of the Mullaithivu education officers who are working very closely with the LTTE.

The deceased and other two girls who were admitted to the Kandy Hospital told reporters they were undergoing the use of AK-47 assault rifle exercises and other military related training when the Air Force dropped the bombs killing and injuring many.

The three girls who were admitted to Kandy Hospital, were first admitted to Kilinochchi Hospital and from there transferred to Vavuniya by the ICRC. From there they were transferred to Kandy. Out of the three Kasturi (18) recovered and was out of the Hospital. At the time of this writing the whereabouts of the third girl, Balasingham Sunethra (19) was not known.

- Asian Tribune -

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