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Karuna’s men handed down humiliating defeat to LTTE in Panichankerny

Colombo, 07 October, ( Cadres belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam led by its reclusive and aging leader Velupillai Prabakaran suffered a humiliating defeat yesterday at the hands of Colonel Karuna’s Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP), at Panichankerni located in the restive Eastern Province.

In the seven hour long battle, in two sessions, led by TMVP’s senior Commander Jeyam (2.4), nearly 50 LTTE cadres were said to be killed. But according to Pilliyan, Supreme Commander of the TMVP, they have collected about 23 dead bodies of the LTTE cadres littered all over the place, who were killed in yesterday’s battle.

According the TMVP, a fighting formation of 300 cadres led by Commander Jeyam, surrounded Vaharai and Panichankerni areas controlled by the LTTE and launched a surprise attack on the LTTE positions, yesterday around 4.40 AM in the early morning.

Reports revealed that the LTTE cadres in the area were unable to withstand the superior fire power and the onslaught of the TMVP; they fled the area leaving behind their dead ones and those critically injured.

Subsequently, the LTTE cadres regrouped again and return with force to challenge the TMVP fighting formation which by the time was in control of Panichankerni.

After the fall of Panichankerni to TMVP, the regrouped LTTE cadres who came to challenge the TMVP, as one of their mischievous tactics, fired mortar shells and artillery fire at the Kajuwatte SLA camp, south of Vaharai towards Panichchankerni, and also to the Sinhapura SLA camp.

This forced the Sri Lankan forces to retaliate and in return fired mortar shells ad artillery at the LTTE group which was advancing towards Panichankerni.

However TMVP who were on the alert expecting the return of the regrouped LTTE cadres, repulsed the attack and chased the LTTE again back into the forest, TMVP sources revealed.

In the meantime Simon Gardner, bureau chief of Reuters in Colombo, who always used to file critical reports about Karuna and TMVP in his yesterday’s report “Sri Lanka fighting rages as rebels play down talks hopes,” has confirmed TMVP claim by underlining "Police Special Task Force troopers said they had overheard Tiger radio communications saying that 20 of their fighters had been killed by members of breakaway rebel faction."

TMVP sources said that they had lost 5 of their cadres including one of their company commanders Issaiyalan, who has been posthumously promoted Lieutenant Colonel by the outfits Supreme Commander Pilliyan.

They further said that 12 of their cadres were injured out of which three were on critical condition.

Furthermore, reports revealed that fleeing LTTE cadres managed to capture one TMVP fighter alive while he was in a tractor with the injured TMVP cadres. However, they said that still they are not sure whether their cadre was actually captured alive by the LTTE.

Pilliyan told "Asian Tribune" that after capturing Panichankerni and recovering arms and ammunition and destroying the LTTE’s forward defense points, bunkers and bases, their formation led by Commander Jeyam has returned yesterday evening back to their base.

After TMVP cadres left the LTTE controlled area handing over a stunning defeat, S.Elilan, formerly the head of the LTTE’s political division in Trincomalee who fled Sampur, their Trincomalee district base, after their debacle with the Sri Lankan Army reported for the consumptions of the Tamil diasporas, that "The Tiger forces repulsed a three-pronged Sri Lanka Army offensive on LTTE controlled Vaharai territory after a defensive fight that lasted for 11 hours."

He further added, "At least seven civilians were wounded in heavy SLA shelling towards civilian settlements. More than 30 SLA troopers were killed, and one wounded soldier was captured alive."

Sri Lanka’s army spokesman denied Elilan’s report to say that it was far from the truth. He said it was just the opposite. The Army spokesperson added that it was the LTTE cadres who received the humiliating defeat at the hands of the TMVP and not the Sri Lanka Army as alleged by Elilan of the LTTE.



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