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Tigers fear Army preparing to advance towards Elephant Pass: Tamilchelvan fires urgent letter to Truce Monitors

From our Political Correspondent

Colombo, 08 October, ( Last night S. P. Tamilchelvan, Head of the Political Wing of the LTTE, fired an urgent letter to the Head of the Truce Monitors warning them that the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) is preparing to launch a major offensive in Jaffna. He has "informed (about) Sri Lanka's military build-up and urged the monitors to take immediate steps to visit Muhamalai FDL and confirm Sri Lanka's preparations for the offensive."

He had reported, according to TamilNet, that there is a heavy deployment of SLA forces in Thenmaradchi and Vadamaradchi East along the Northern Front. Quoting LTTE sources The TamilNet said that "the arsenal accumulated at SLA front lines indicate a Colombo war-plan based on a scorched-earth policy that will flatten civilian settlements between Elephant Pass and Muhamalai, and Pooneryn."

It added: "Heavy deployment of troops in the Forward Defence Line indicated that an offensive could be launched at any time."

Both sides are blaming each other of starting the intermittent offensives. Analysts read Tamilchelvan’s move as a pre-emptive propaganda strike to either stop any offensive by the SLA or to put the blame on the SL for starting the next offensive. Analysts also note that the Tigers merely state that the SLA is making "preparations for an offensive" and not that the SLA has launched an offensive.

It is not certain whether the preparations are made for offensive or defensive objectives. Tamilchelvan quotes "reliable military intelligence that suggests Sri Lanka military is in full preparation to launch offensive operations into our territory."

The Tigers fear that the SLA will move out of their defence lines and advance towards Elephant Pass via Muhamalai. Fighting has been raging in this area which has led to closing of the A-9 road by the SLA.

Claiming that the LTTE had ceased military operations since the Co-chairs called for direct talks and cessation of hostilities, he said that the military operations would lead to full-scale war.

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