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Sri Lanka: Northern battle causalities alarmingly on the rise

Colombo, 12 October, ( Tamil Tigers lost 200 cadres against that of 43 Sri Lanka’s Security forces in the ongoing battle that rages over in the theatre of war located at Muhamalai and Kilali in the North of Sri Lanka. The latest rising causalities has started dominating as both the protagonist of war have agreed to meet in Geneva for a further round of Talks scheduled for 28 and 29 of this month.

Nearly 200 Tamil Tiger cadres were reported killed and a large number of them seriously injured in the offensive launched by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam against the Sri lanka's defence forces, Media Centre for National Security revealed in its report.

Report further revealed, "Military Officers on the ground confirmed that there are over hundreds of Tiger dead bodies left behind and lying ahead of the FDLs. Vast number of tiger child cadres were evacuated due to injuries and are being treated at Kilinochchi. Hospital authorities in the uncleared areas said that they couldn’t cope with the number of cadres admitted in the hospitals due to the shortage of blood. Troops are now searching the area for more dead and wounded left behind by the tigers."

According to a report from Media Centre for Security, "43 Sri Lanka’s soldiers killed and 224 wounded in action."

In the meantime, however in a conflicting report, Peace Secretariat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam based in Kilinochchi revealed, "LTTE recovered the bodies of 75 Sri Lankan soldiers in the clearing operations after the Sri Lankan military was repulsed as it moved into the LTTE area today."

The report further added, "At 6.30pm in the morning (Thursday), Sri Lankan military launched a three pronged large scale offensive from Muhamalai and Kilali. The Sri Lankan military started to move into the LTTE area."

"LTTE took defensive actions to repulse the Sri Lankan military. There was intense fighting all day. It was only in the late afternoon (yesterday) that the Sri Lankan military was eventually repulsed back behind their Forward Defence Lines (FDL). During the clearing operations following the clashes, the LTTE recovered more than 75 bodies of Sri Lankan soldiers. Efforts are now underway to hand over the bodies to the Sri Lankan military through the ICRC."

"One wounded Sri Lankan soldier was taken as prisoner of war (POW) by the LTTE."

According to LTTE report, "In the clashes 10 LTTE fighters were killed."

Contradicting the LTTE report, Sri Lanka military said today the security forces have repulsed intensive rebel attacks to infiltrate the forward defense line in Muhamalai in a fierce battle that continued to rage until yesterday evening.

Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Defence said, "LTTE terrorists pounded towards the FDLs at Muhamalai and Pallai, in a fresh offensive against the security forces, which was started as a desperate attempt to score strategic advantage prior the resumption of peace talks in Geneva."

Defence Ministry further added "The terrorists outfit faced major worries from pro-LTTE fundraisers and the Tamil Diaspora, following the string of losses from Mavil-Aru to Sampur. The escalating violence in the northern peninsula is observed as an LTTE option to impress that they still have the bargaining clout."

However Ministry Defence reports that LTTE Artillery and Mortar fire was brought to a constant halt due to SL Army stiff resistance in the Forward Defence Lines at Muhamalai and Pallai - Jaffna in the pre-dawn sessions on Thursday (12) October.

Military spokesperson Brigadier Samarasinghe, pointed out that no major military offensive has been undertaken by the Military. "The security Forces are merely defending themselves in the face of the LTTE attack " he said.

"Following its "Final War" campaign, which turns into a fiasco in the face of security forces retaliation in mid August this year, the LTTE is continuing to attack at the Northern FDL using Mortars and heavy Artillery" Military spokesperson pointed out.

Reports emerging from the theatre of war reveal that sporadic firing is till continuing.

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